Polish Sausage with cheese "Q View"

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metal man

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Feb 6, 2011
Tupelo, MS
I got antsy waiting on my bacon to cure so i made up another batch of sausage to keep me busy.Only this time i added cheese to it and smoked with cherry wood. Turned out really good.

Here it is stuffed and ready for a few days in the fridge.


In the smoker early yesterday morning.You can see the AMNS loaded with cherry


6 hours of smoke and a total of 7 hours later they are ready!



These turned out really good.First time i used the cherry wood and I'll have to say I'm a fan so far. I had a Boston Butt going at the same time on the other smoker so we eat good last night.Pulled pork and homemade sausages make a great supper. I vacuum packed the rest and put in the freezer.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look.


The recipe is simple but good.

11 lbs Pork (5kg)

5 Tbsp salt (90g)

3 tsp black pepper  (7.5g)  

3 cloves fresh garlic (9g)

2 tsp marjoram  (3g)

2 tsp sugar (10g)

2 tsp Cure #1 (12g)

2 cups ice water

1 or 2 cups high temp cheese  

Mix all ingredients together and stuff casing.Store in fridge 24 hours then smoke.Pre heat the smoker to a temp of 130F and added the meat with vent fully open.Once the casing is good and dry add smoke and move vent to 1/4 open. Slowly bumped up the temp 5 degrees at a time to 170F,Your looking for an internal temp of 154F. Once IT is reached remove the sausage from smoker and place in a cold water bath till IT is reduced to 110F. Then you can hang to at room temp a few hours to help develop final color.  Store in fridge or vacuum pack and freeze.  
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That sausage looks fantastic...I love the taste of cherry smoke on long beef smokes also. I could see tailgating at a Packer game with a few yards of that Polish sausage...
Awesome looking sausage there metal man. Nice color outside and great inside. Those AMNS sure do put out some nice sausage.... I wish I could get that color out of my rig. I just added 2 amazen smokers to my cooker and got better color but not enough I may try a longer cold smoke to get the color like yours

Thanks guys.

boyjko i cooked the sausage low low and slow. I pre heated the smoker to a temp of 130 and added the meat.Once i was sure it was good and dry i added smoke and slowly bumped up the temp 5 degrees at a time to 170 for a final internal temp of 154 in the sausage. I stated in the first post i cooked it 7 hours but after thinking about it it might have been closer to 8 hours.
Nice, got a recipe you can share. I have about 6 lbs of high temp cheese left and need to use it.

Thank you
Great looking sausage.  I would take a length of it without question....

I had the recipe here but edited it to move it to the original post at the top.
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Excellent looking sausage there Metal Man! Great job! I printed the recipe out for future use, thanks!
Thanks SmokinAl

Me and the wife cut one up today to eat with lunch. This sausage is good cold or hot. I took a closer up pic to show the texture a little better.

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