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  1. Well, I picked up some nice artichokes the other day and took some beef country style ribs out of the freezer yesterday to do for dinner.

    I couldn't do it since my daughter decided to have my first grandson. Carson James.

    So today I did it. I steamed the chokes with smoked butter. When they were tender I took them out cut them in half and seasoned with garlic powder and olive oil.

    I put some red potatoe wedges in some olive oil and white truffle salt from a place called redstone and in to a 425* oven they went.

    I rubbed the ribs with a "bonfire BBQ seasoning" from redstone and in to a 250* smoker with cherry wood in it. They cooked until they were 160* it. Took about 45 minutes. Then the chokes now brushed with olive oil and garlic, salt, and pepper, and ribs we're put on a hot gas grill that was turned to low. I brushed the ribs with evoo too and after 2-3 minutes a side dinner was done.

    For dessert two home made chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream in the middle.

    Burp! The fat kid in me has been well Fed!

  2. Today the kids are in town with the baby since he is still in NICU due to a possible infection.

    Wife working so I am left to my own devices. Smoked bugs and grilled artichoke....

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