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Jun 20, 2006
Marietta, GA
I wanted to post this down in the cooker section, but I need the help of a moderator. Anyway, here is a list from another source that should help with pit questions.

Acme Custom BBQ grills and pits
Friendswood, TX

Austin National Smoker Company
Noblesville, IN
Pits made from New steel pipe and plate
Specializing in rotisserie barbecue pit smokers

BBQ Pits by Klose
Houston, Texas
Pits made from New steel pipe and plate
Makes a line of backyard pits with limited customizing available, mostly length changes.
Makes full custom mobile pits.

BBQ Pits and Smokers
Cedar Park, Texas

Big Drum Smokers
Rocky Richmond
Naples, NC
New steel drum construction, various sizes

Big Jims Custom BBQ pits
Propane tank smokers

Carters Cookers
Gaston, SC
Steel tank cooker/smokers

Cattle King BBQ Pits
Family Owned & Operated
Fred L. Voigt
New Braunfels, Texas

Cookers and Grills
Watkinsville, GA
Reverse Flow, new propane tank construction

D Wiley BBQ Pits
Buda, Texas
New propane tanks

Davis Smokers and Grills
Glennville, GA

Diamond Plate Products
Ballinger, Texas
Makes full Custom BBQ pits from new steel tanks

Detroit Grill King
Detroit, MI

Gator Pits of Texas
Houston, Texas
Makes full custom BBQ pits from steel pipe and plate
Pit accessories
Excellent customer service

Grillnsmoke bbq smokers
Laredo, Texas
Custom smokers

Holstein Manufacturing
Holstein, Iowa
Very large range of grills and smokers

Horizon Smokers
Perry, OK

Jedmaster Cookers
McCalla, Al

JR Enterprises
Dewitt, Arkansas

KCK BBQ Smokers
Kansas City, KS

L&R Custom BBQ Pits
Stephenville, TX

Lang Smoker Cookers
Nahunta, GA
Heavy Duty Reverse Flow Smokers

Lone Star Welding
Richmond, TX
Custom BBQ pits with some interesting art add ons

Long Horn BBQ pits
Uvalde, Texas
Available at Factory Direct BBQ Pits and Smokers Cedar Park, Texas

Lyfe Tyme - BBQ Pits
Uvalde, Texas
Manufactured pits with some customizing available
Pits made from New steel pipe including uprights
Makes full custom mobile pits

Meadow Creek Welding
New Holland, PA

Olalla Smokers $ Grills of Olalla
Chuck Senn
4345 SE Burley-Olalla Rd.
Olalla, WA. 98359
Phone: 253/ 857-4420

Old Country BBQ Pits
Laredo ,Texas
Mass Produced old style BBQ pits

Peoria Custom Cookers
Peoria, Illinois
Backyard and mobile pits. Rolled plate construction.

Pits by Jambo
Jamie Geer Phone 817-572-7631 home, cell 817-822-1689
Hand made one at a time with incredible attention to detail. These are the pits used with great success by Johnny Trig of the Smoking Triggers, Uncle Earnie and Jamie and his Buckwheat Express team.

Pits by JJ
Houston, Texas
Makes full custom BBQ pits from steel pipe and plate

Pitts and Spitts
Houston, Texas
Pits made from New steel plate and stainless steel

Quality Grills
Detroit, MI
Huge custom mobile pits

Real Grill
West Palm Beach, Florida
New propane tank smoker/grills

Sikes Cookers
Vidalia, GA.
Unique Aluminum & Stainless smokers

Southern Yankee Bar-B-Q
Anderson, IN
Makes full custom BBQ pits from steel pipe and plate

SWS Superior Welding Service - Southwest Smoker
North Little Rock, AR
Pits made from New steel pipe and plate

Tejas Smokers
Houston, Texas
Well engineered production backyard smokers and grills
New 1/4" steel plate construction
Great selection of outdoor cooking gear and accessories for your smoker
Great customer service

The Good One- Goodwin Enterprises
Burns, KS

Midland, Texas

Tucker Cookers
Memphis, Tennessee
Very nice mobile smoker/grills

Western Rebel BBQ Pits
Chino Hills, California
For more information call 909-994-5826
Out of this World BBQ Products
Distrbutor for Western Rebel BBQ pits

Cabinet style smokers

Backwoods Smokers

Jacks Old South Cookers
Birmingham, AL

Spicewine Iron Works
Columbia, MO

Stumps Smokers
Perry, GA
Ain't that amazin'? Thank you Noah for your effort and congrats on finding a friend Rodger!
Holy Long Lists, Noah! Info like that is a testament to the comradery on this site, thank you. I tell all of my friends that if you can't get help from this site, you should just give up. You've proven it again. Thank you for the great info, and hard work.
Guys, this list is a compilation of lists from other sites. I just cut and pasted the info. But enjoy, as it helps to be able to go to one place to get the info you're looking for.
Noah, Nice compilation on the list. I'll move this down to the "General Discussion" thread for you since there not really a place to put this in the "Smoking Supplies & Equipment" forum, unless you want it in the "Other Resources" thread.

Send me a PM as to where ya want it.
Thanks Dutch,
I just wanted it to be easy to come across. I wish I had a list like this when I was shopping for my Lang. I probably would have made the same decision, but having to round up the info my self was a real chore!
i nominate that list to have a perminate home some where on this forum for all to see forever. i would hate to see such hard work get baried deep within the forum to never be seen again.

and i second the motion.
As noah stated, he got this from other sources across the net. This is excellent information and I want to personally thank Noah for posting it.

We have a member that feels like credit should be given to the original site that posted this and I have no problem with this. I personally know that Noah will have no problem with this either.

I did about 2 minutes of research and found the original post listed at thesmokering.com and barbecuenews.com by a user named zilla.

This information was also found at various other forums as well and everywhere I found it, I found lots of cheers and thank you's to the poster for finding it and posting it.

As you can see in this forum.. it is no different. Everyone loves and appreciates good information on all things pertaining to smoking meat
Hey I'm glad to see the list is making the rounds. The first time I posted this list I posted it to 4 forums on the same day. It is now on most of the friendly forums and I try to update the list every 6 months or so and add new builders when I can. If you find a Custom Builder that is not on the list feel free to PM me so I can it to my data base. Enjoy folks! Thanks Noah!

I need some help with some ideas for cleaning a fuel oil tank. I was thinking about just scrubbing it out several times with degreaser and dish soap. The once it is ready to go (cut and mounted) doing a big burn out on it to burn all of the reside out of the tank. The last think I want to do is make people sick.

I know it can be cleaned I was just wondering if anybody has any tips for me.
Sadly this list is dated. I haven't seen Zilla post anything anywhere in years. I think the last update to the list was 10-11 years ago.
This list is old and some on it are no longer in business, but this would be worthwhile to update. A beneficial project for someone with the time...
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