PID controller, relay and what else for a new build???

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Dec 19, 2010
First of all great site!!    I have used a similar home made smoker and am now planning the build of a double walled insulated [1"mineral wool] smoker with a 30" x 30" x 48" inside diameter..  There will be a machie punched heat shield 12" off the bottom [have a machinist friend making the build].  There will be a door to the 36" smoke box and a smaller door to get under the heat shield and the smoke pan.  

I was thinking of a 220v ~2000w oven heating element and a regular ~1000w range top coil for a smoke pan [independant of each other]  The smoker I previously used was a bread warmer with parts from an electric range, oven element and rangetop coil [like i described] 

Any way....  how does that heating system sound???  

I am trying to figure out the controller, relay wiring. Originally I thought of just gutting annother electric oven. After reading the forum I like the Auber PID idea.  A SYL-2362 for the main element and a SYL-1512A2 for the smoke element.  I know I need relay's for each but have no idea of what I need.

Any help would be great!!!!!!!!!!!
the Auber PID will work'll just need a solid state relay that will handle the wattage output you want to use in your heating element.  take a look around here on the forum and you'll find plenty of info on what you need and how to hook it all up.

if your going 220 at 2000 watts then that is only 9.abit amps, so you need a 10 amp SSR, but the smallest I have found is a 25 amp so go with two 25amp SSRs with heat shields then you have room to upgrade laiter if you find you need a little more power for the main heat. 

just niticing your chip burning element, are you sure you want 1000 watts for that?  I was thinking 100 or 200 watts for mine.

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