Rollover/limit switch necessary?

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Arapaho G

Original poster
Jan 12, 2024
Hello all, I'm new here so if this has already been discussed please forgive me. I have replaced the digital control panel twice in the past on my 30" MES. I just replaced the electric heating element, as the smoker would trip GFI's. Some internet reading and videos suggested that a new element would solve the problem. Once the element was replaced I plugged it in and...nothing. I wired power directly to the element and it works so I assume the digital controller is bad again. So now I have purchased an Auber PID to get rid of the MES electronics and hopefully all future electric problems with the smoker. Here is my question: why is the rollover/limit switch even necessary if I have the Auber, why can't I just direct wire the element to the power cord? I am asking this because when I wired the element direct to the power cord I broke a connector on the circuit board, and the smoker is so old I find no pictures that look like my circuit board. Thanks.
I did this to my TSM smoker, took all the OEM controls off, wired the element to a hd extension cord and plugged to the back of my Auber pid.
Thanks guys, I believe I will do the same. I never smoke over 225 degrees and I stay around while I'm doing it. Don't see a need for the limit switch safety feature especially if the Auber is as good as claimed. Just another cheap electronic thing to go bad. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.