Picnic with qView

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Dec 30, 2013
Auburn, IN
I will be starting up my Brinkmann early in the morning for a nice slow smoke for the 10.25 lbs. picnic I picked up this morning.

I tend to like hickory so I will be using that along with lump charcoal.  I received my iGrill mini that my wife got me for Christmas so I will review that as we progress...

After unwrapping and applying my rub I will post some pictures!

Happy Saturday!
Quick pic of it when I dropped her on...

She is starting to get a bark. It's cold out so I am getting back up once an hr. to check temp. etc.
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No nothing special, I am using Stubb's.... I buy those hickory chunks to use for the smoke.
Took almost 5 hours to get out of danger zone - did not inject so I am pushing through.... 
To be honest I didn't check it prior to this smoke.  I will check in boiling water after the smoke tonight and let you know how close it is.  I am double checking finished product with my regular analog thermometer.
Fell apart at 190 pulling it off the grill.  Tried a little, absolutely delicious.  Wrapped in foil and into cooler with a blanket for an hour or so....

Very nice... I did a butt on Friday and it turned out perfect in my Bradley Digital. Something about that true hickory chunk coal that sounds delicious.
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