Picnic Shoulder

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Sep 16, 2006
Found out yesterday, after stuffing myself, that 2 yr. old Granddaughter is going to be a year older tomorrow, at my house. Actual b/d was last week. Anyway, concensus was pulled pork for tomorrow. Dang, Thanksgiving evening, all the stores were closed of course. Ended up thawing Picnic Shoulder, from the freezer, filled with water in my cooler, placed in the kitchen. Was 22* this morning. Got her thawed, slathered with mustard, rubbed and now sitting in the fridge. Thinking of throwing it on about 6:00 tonight. Mainily to steady my temp of 250*. Hopefully by 6am or sooner, 4am is my regular wake time, it should be at 165* so I can wrap till 195* wrap again and put in cooler. Party is at 1:00. Timing sounds about right to me. Did I forget anything? No Dutch, your Wicked Beans will be there also.
I'm reading this and thinking, "Dang-my beans ought to go great with this. And I see at the end that they will be at the party too. :mrgreen:
Thank you, thank you and birthday wishes to the granddaughter! :D
Well got a late start. It's 9:00 pm now and I just got the shoulder in the GOSM. Had to go shopping tonight, so we wouldn't have to leave the house tomorrow. And get needed items for Dutch's Wicked Beans. The party isn't until 3:00 pm tomorrow, so my time should still be good.
Donâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t forget SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce and some good pickles!
Didn't forget that. Looks like I'll be up a little later than intended. That's ok, it's smoking and for the Granddaughter.
Was up at 3:30 am. It's been on for 12 hrs now and has stalled at 151*. Will wrap at 165* when it gets there.
2:00 pm...finally hit the 196* mark. Double wrapped and in the cooler resting. Wicked Baked Beans in the GOSM doing their thing. Could have eaten those beans cold. They are great...can't wait till they heat up. No jalapeno or dry mustard, got alot of kids comming. Don't need irate parents. Food porn to follow. :)
Well there is nothing left...nothing. Just saw someone scrapeing the dutch oven for the last of Dutch's Wicked Beans. The shoulder...not even enough for a sammie tomorrow. Thanks to all, it was a success. :P
Thanks meowey, it was a lot of fun. First all night smoke in the GOSM. About 4 1/2 hours sleep, but she just cooked all night long. Next time I won't be so paranoid. Just make sure the propane is full and hit the bed.
Nice pic's cajun. Glad the beans were a hit with the crowd. I know all about irate folks!! That's why there is a disclaimer on my recipe.
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