Pickled Smoked Hot Sausages

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May 18, 2024
Has anyone ever done these?

I have been doing them in different ways for about 10 years and still haven't got to where I want to be with them.

I started out buying Lit'l Smokies and making hot vinegar brine.

Then I started making my own smoked sausage with a commercial meat grinder and mixing the spices into the sausage.

I recently figured out the more water, the less compact the sausage is. I had it too dry before and it was taking forever to pickle.

I have tried a few different wood flavors and I guess that hickory has been the best so far.

Any recommendations?

The last brand name ones that I enjoyed were these, and I remember liking a brand called Penrose as a kid.
There are always some single packaged ones "Big Mama" sold at gas stations, but I usually stay away from those.
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You can use little smokies too as you said. Glazier reds are the best IMHO.
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I remember back in the day when most taverns would have a big jar of pickled eggs or the Penrose pickled sausage on the shelf. Also pickled beets.

Have traditional recipes for the eggs, but not the sausages. If forced to try it, would probably follow the recipe given by Rytek for the beer sausage (smoked kielbasa) they sold to bars and taverns in Las Vegas, the hot version. Would stuff it in small cellulose casings and after smoking, would simply cut them to length before packing in jars to pickle.

When you think about it, Ryteks beer sausage steamed in beer was very similar in style to the Penrose. Same type of product......same purpose. Slightly different finish.
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I used to love the Penrose and would get suckered (my own mind) in to buying a Hot Mama (A Penrose product) once in a while, but as I got older they would give me terrible heartburn and indigestion. Wife and I went fairly strict low carb for a while and still rarely eat sugar, and that actually solved my heartburn problem. I can feel it coming back after too many consecutive day of carb splurging...pizza, etc..

But now that my gut is in order, I should try some pickled sausages again. Looks like Big Mama's are the only ones Walmart sells here. There's a couple old school grocers in the area I could check. I'd rather have a jar I could grab a quick snack from rather than the commitment of what are usually huge Big Mamas. I'd keep it in the fridge though, I never trusted the jars of eggs and sausage just sitting on the counter in the bar or store for who knows how long.

Best of luck!
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