Photo Essay of Easter Sunday Holiday Ham

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    I found this group of videos on You Tube from the BBQ Pit Boys (dot com (Video is here ) and ran across this video of how they prep a typical store bought holiday ham.  With a week until Easter I watched several times, bought everything and took a stab at kicking up Easter Brunch...  Here is the photo chronicle of how things went.

    Since The Wife decided on a brunch and a Noon meal time I was up at 5:00am getting the pit ready.  Cherry wood chips would supply the smoke and pineapple juice was in the spritzer.

    In a disposable roasting pan I placed the ham in about 1/2 inch of pineapple juice as the coals were just steadying at 225 degrees.  I would go out about every 20 minutes and spray down the ham with pineapple juice for the first two hours.  The main key here if you didn't watch the video already is very easy on the smoke, just a few wood chips at a time.

    You cannot BBQ with out faithful BBQ Dog standing by just in case something was spilled or fell to the ground.  Hope springs eternal.  (He is a Lab/Heeler Mix, his name is Cappy, I inherited him when my oldest brother passed away in 2011)

    As the ham settled into its 225 degree home I went inside and made the glaze.  Bottled ham glaze (cherry) with a splash of cherry juice and soy sauce. The soy sauce adds a nice salty kick to the sweet glaze. Cherries, pineapple slices and toothpicks are for prettying up the ham before glazing.

    About two hours into the process I stabbed the ham with toothpicks and added cherries and pineapple slices.  The Wife is big on festive and I was just doing my part.

    Then I added the glaze.  And yes, faithful BBQ was at my side for this important step.  At this point I stopped spritzing the ham and let the glaze take hold.  About every half hour I would slather on more glaze.

    At the end of about 4 hours she looked mighty pretty and I had to do guard duty because faithful BBQ Dog was looking crafty and her crazy sister, our Coonhound, has a history of table thievery.  It wasn't easy keeping the family fingers out of it either.

    It sliced up real nice on the platter, and yes a few morsels "happened" to hit the ground near the faithful BBQ Dog, patience is rewarded at our home.

    The Wife sets a heck of a holiday table, doesn't she?  Back off, Pit Masters, she's all mine and there ain't a day that goes by that I don't thank her for lowering her standards and marrying a guy like me.


    I just had to see this one more time!!!

    And that was how Easter morning went in our SW Washington home.  The ham bone was smoked a little more and will be used in the Wife's split pea soup later.  Some ham went to sandwiches and omelettes while other chunks went into some pasta salads.  Other slices went later on Ritz and Wheat Thin crackers with some smoked cheddar that I did the week before.  A good time was had by all.
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    Looks great! You're lucky, my wife can't cook more than scrambled eggs. I'm fortunate that two of my three Daughters are trained Chefs so they let me have a day off once in awhile...JJ
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    Great looking ham!

    @JJ, why would your wife want to cook?  That's what she has you for...LOL[​IMG]
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    Tha ham looks REAL good! Nice work and the idea of having Easter brunch instead of dinner is nice.
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    That is really pretty!  Love the "bling" on the Ham....reminds me of Easter when I was a kidlet.

    Nice job!


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