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Discussion in 'Beef' started by happy2meatu, May 26, 2011.

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    So I found a clearance price on a chunk of Petite Sirloin. It was just over 2 pounds, and cheap, so I decided to do it as a mock Tri Tip. I didn't know, so I asked the butcher at the store and he said that the petite sirloin tip is right next to the Tri Tip, so it has a similar grain and taste. So I did a dry rub of most of the typical things seen in rubs on here... mostly brown sugar, salt, pepper, a little garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, old bay, chili powder, paprika, and even threw in some of my favorite steak seasoning, McCormick's Montreal Steak. Coated first with Worcestershire, then heavy dry rub. Used Lazarri all natural Mesquite charcoal, with hickory chunks in a can next to the coals for extra smoke. Based on the 2 pounds, expected 1 1/2 hour per pound, but I also wanted to try and get up to 180-190, as I have seen many people's brisket methods go. It was pretty consistent at 225-250 for 6 hours, and could only get it up to 160!!! So I gave up at 160 and 6 hours, and pulled it off. Sliced it up, and the thicker section was very tender, and fairly juicy. The thinner areas kinda dry. Just too much time I guess. I also used foil for hours 4 and 5, with apple juice inside. All in all not bad for a test run, and for my 4th smoke ever! The juices in the foil were a nice touch to pour over the sliced meat.

    Thanks for reading, and any input would be greatly appreciated!





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    Nice smoke ring! 

    There is just not enough fat and connective tissue in that cut to treat it like a brisket, IMHO.  I would take that type of cut to about 140*ish (medium rare) and enjoy.  Should stay tender and moist in a smoke like that.  Everything else you did was spot on, if you liked the flavors.  On a really lean piece of meat, I drape some bacon strips over the top to keep things self-basted and moist (also adds some nice flavor [​IMG])

    Keep at it!  Your skills in this craft will improve quickly, and soon you'll be turning out consistently great Q!

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    Wow it looks good and juicy for this meat (it is lean) and good smoke ring well done .i agree with adiochiro3  i love it  medium rare.

    you can try to wet cur it and do it like pastrami. nice Qview

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    Looks good from here!   [​IMG]

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