Pepper, baby back, bagel, cream cheese and some

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  1. So after making bagel dogs last week  they were so good that I've come up with some more ideas for bagels and smoked meat.  The dish is an Anaheim pepper, halved and stuffed with cream cheese and a de-boned baby back rib, then wrapped with bagel dough and baked.  i like the Anaheims because they have a nice legnth:width ratio and a nice kick but not too spicy.

    I threw down some 2-2-1 baby back ribs to prepare the night before.[​IMG]

    Ribs all Done


    A nice "U" shaped Anaheim is what you're looking for to hold the goods.


    Deboned ribs with cream cheese


    Wrapped in dough ready to bake!


    OK so this was just a bonus, hot beer deer sausage wrapped in bagel (hot beer from Spokane Spice Co. and homemade sausage)


    Here are the bagel wrapped, baby back peppers!  I guess this could go in the ABT forum but it's not quite a match.



    Here it all is.  Thanks for looking. 
  2. chef jimmyj

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    Those look great, very creative on your part!...JJ
  3. berninga87

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    wow those look good! almost look like crescent rolls, where do you get the bagel dough? I gotta try this!
  4. berninga87

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    Nevermind I see you put the recipe in the bagel dog post. Still looks great!
  5. They're not flaky like a cresent roll though, doughy like a bagel.  See the link to the bage dog post for the dough recipe.

  6. smokinal

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    Nice job!
  7. alblancher

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    All hail the Bagel Dog king!   Very creative and I am going to add it to my list of recipes to try   Thanks for the Qview
  8. sprky

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    now that's thinking out of the box. [​IMG]
  9. big twig

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    Those look mighty tasty!
  10. scarbelly

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    Wow that is going on the list for sure 
  11. Great looking food, again and awesome on thinking outside the box! 

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