Pellet grills/smokers

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Jul 21, 2012
Hamilton, Ontario
I am looking to get a new unit. I've gone through 3 or 4 electrics in last 8 years so time to get something better value

I am looking at pellet grills (run higher temp and dollars) vs pellet smokers. (300F top and less money). I read the blurbs about each and understand getting more wood smoke

I would rather buy a unit and pay a bit more now than to be replacing my electric every two years.

Traeger obviously front runner but need lotto win!

An issue for me is the unit being able to handle colder temps. Sadly my MES could. I've done ribs at MINUS 35.

Any one got comparative info on the various options.
My Camp Chef SG24 WIFI runs pretty well in cold temps, but I do put a welding blanket over it in cold weather. Now, I've not run it in minus 35 degree temps, and hope to never see it that cold here, but it runs fine at freezing and what we have had below freezing so far.
I have a knock off Traeger made by Masterbuilt. I make it work. Welding blanket in cooler temps.
It is a heat source. I use a smoke tube to make it a smoker. I do not use it for grilling as it is not a grill.
My kettle is a grill.
Kids across the street have a Cabelas rebranded Pitboss. They can grill on it and do all the time.

Starting over I would look at Rec Teq
Stick with a proven performer that has a good record. As mentioned, a serious look at RecTeq would be a good start. IMO it's definitely above those base level entry manufacturers.
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Unless they have changed they are insulated on the bottom only and should be on top if not all around. Bottom only is not much help.

I don’t own one, but have heard decent things about the Grilla Grills. I doubt it’s like a good insulated cabinet smoker, but sure it helps some. Besides a lot of the heat that rises goes right out the chimney anyway.

Another that has an insulated smoking box is a Smokin Brothers pellet grill. Made in USA. They remind me of original heavy duty Traegers from when they were US made. The Smokin Brothers now have a wifi controller. Seem like good units.

Now if the OP really wants the best of the best, then look no further than MAK. Practically indestructible, and from everything I have heard, producers about as much smoke as possible on a pellet grill. But they are getting really pricy at this point.

I’m just posting from what I have read on this site and other forums I frequent, as I use a gravity fed charcoal smoker. I had an older made in China Traeger at one time, that I never really liked, and got me off the pellet band wagon, but they have come a long ways in the last few years.

Oh, and one final bit… this YouTube video by Mad Scientist BBQ is pretty interesting:

makes me think the Weber may be often overlooked these days.
I'd like to keep to under $1,000 CANADIAN or $700 US
Probably going to limit you to Pit Boss or maybe one of the lowest tier Camp Chef grills. The Camp Chef I have, and it isn't their top tier Woodwind line is running a little above $700 US right now. I didn't pay that much for it last year, but the prices have been climbing since I got mine.
Personally, I'd be looking at P.G's made in your Country for returns or repairs.
Mine is a PID controller with WIFI , but their bottom tier is non-WIFI. They do offer the wifi controller upgrade controllers for them, though.

You're right. I didn't mean to imply that Camp Chef doesn't offer models with wifi.
The PG24S looks pretty sweet and is PID as well.
Yeah I have the SG24 WIFI in bronze. I would have preferred it in black, but I could only get it in bronze through Lowes, and it was a fair amount cheaper than ordering through Camp Chef.
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Well that sucks. I did have to special order it off the website since they don't have them in the store. Another reason I got it through lowes is I live out in the sticks and felt it was way easier for me to have it shipped to store and go pick it up than it would have been to have it shipped direct to my house. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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