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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by bayouman, Oct 7, 2015.

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    well i couldnt take it hell with the brick smoker do it next year. i bout the old country pecos. an love it i have smoker 3 pork butts 5 racks ribs pork i cut splits down to half just need small fire in it. holds heat super more i use it more it seals up lid but dont leak much. put temp gage where franklen did yes a tell tru one dont go cheep on temp gage. only mod i did was flip fire box coal tray upside down. for a first time offset user its way to go the cheep 200 buck ones i bet you would spend 200 on mods an still not have one as good i give it 10 thumbs up. just keep fire small temp is easy to change. doing ribs no no wind at all an its burning clean
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  3. bayouman

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    an also get u cast iron skilit with lid i have cooked bacon an eggs over fire box its not super hot but gets job done.
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