Part deux Twas the day after Christmas....

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Aug 5, 2018
...and I thought to myself
I should check the fridge for tasty leftovers from shelf to shelf
Oh, looky there, Saturdays burnt ends!
I'm pretty sure I have an idea for these beefy friends!
I'll chop them up and to the griddle I will go
Even being a touch warmer, it was still through fresh snow!
What should I do to change this up a bit?
I know, I'll add some cheddar and carolina bbq sauce to help it!
Upon the steel, that amazing sizzle
I love my Blackstone, that's fo shizzle!
The delicious smell of this large beast
Sliced and chopped and remade into a feast
I hope this isn't corny like seed
Hey, that's it, sweet corn and rice is what it might need
Well, it's too late for that, I've already sampled a bite!
Maybe next time I'll do it....yeah I think I just might!
I gotta go now, responsibilities abound
I'll catch you guys on the next cook, and see you around!





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