Paprika/mushroom spritz duck eggs

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Oct 12, 2017
Kitchener, Ontario...
Champions breakfast...Duck eggs, "spritzed" with Hungarian sweet paprika , swimming in pork lard on bed of mushrooms...

Do not...I not make this before you talk to your elderly family member about hearth disease history... I do not want to be responsible for... whatsoever... Ok...
That looks good. I like Duck Eggs. The Yolks have a richer taste than Chicken Eggs...JJ
That's a pretty damn good looking scramble you got going on there,
I'd belly up to the table for that.

I indulge heavily in duck eggs every time we take a trip to Pennsylvania.
They're relatively inexpensive and plentiful at several local farms.

When I've tried to acquire them down here in Alabama they've always been fairly expensive and hard to find.

Just makes them all that more of a treat for me. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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