Papa Dukes' Pot Roast

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Sep 30, 2021
Hey Y'all!

So made a legit homestyle dinner for the first time in a bit, and I decided to pull out the hand written recipe from one of my dad's recipe steno pads stained with grease and broth and who knows what from cooking with them on our counter and them spilling lol. I made chef jimmyj chef jimmyj 's Pot Roast recipe but used store bought pot pie squares in place of the spinners.

I'm still bein a punk and added an extra bay leaf 😂 but everything tasted exactly the way he made it, so I know I did my job right 🖤

Pics below:
1: Browning meat
2: Beautiful brown meat in natural light (I took all my dad's pics lol)
3: Pot of all ingredients ready to simmer
4: Appropriate and funny snapchat I added to my snap story
5: Noodles used; "Mrs. Miller's" is the brand; chewier than expected, and had to go add water to the pot to finish cooking, so there was no gravy sadly

Happy eating and good weather!
6: The finished product with shredded beef


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Awesome! Thank you for taking the time to post! Your Dad's presence on SMF is definitely missed. I use to look forward when he would come on line late at night, we had many numerous conversations and he took a keen interest in my foray into salumi and salami. I learned a great deal on many food techniques from your Dad and I considered him a friend.
WOW. Looks so good on so many levels. GREAT sear. Most folks are too chicken to do it that hard but that's exactly what you want. Man and those noodles! I gotta find something like that. I dig bay leaf too but I prefer for chicken. Rosemary is my go to aromatic for beef but that's the beauty of it... We all can make it how we want. Showing this to my wife and kids since we have pot roast on deck today.

It's not easy to do but your Dad could blow my mind with his cooking. I especially liked his info on the polish/european stuff. Never heard you could fry up boiled dinner leftovers but he taught me that and DYING to try it. We used to keep the corned beef and pitch the rest...
Looking good with pot roast on a cold winter day. Thanks for sharing your dads recipe....put your own spin on it....he taught you well. 👍

Looks delicious. Excellent work, your Dad is proud, and very missed.
Wow, that looks delicious! That's definitely a rib sticking comfort food meal! I'm pretty sure your dad just rolled his eyes, shook his head and sighed while calling you a punk...I love it!

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Great looking pot roast!! I’ll bet in chef heaven Jimmy got a little chuckle out of the bay leaf! I’d sure love a plate of that , it’s been far to long since I’ve had good pot roast.
Looks great! Thanks for turning me on to those noodles. AFAIK we don't have anything like that ready made down here in the South. I'm seeing those as a lazy man's dumpling substitute. I have some on the way from Amish land.
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