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  1. Hey guys and gals, I always wanted to start smoking so this fathers' day my family decided to get me the barrel addon to my char-grill so I could give it a go. So far I have spent at least one day a week smoking some sort of meat, usually a large pork shoulder or beef brisket. I've even got one of my neighbors smoking, and other neighbors asking for samples. I'm here to learn a lot from you guys and can't wait to spend copious amounts of time reading on different methods.

    My newest adventure is brewing, if anyone has experience pairing brews with smoked meats, I'm all ears. Thanks for letting me in.

    My very first pork shoulder
    IMG_0035.JPG IMG_0036.JPG IMG_0037.JPG
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  2. SmokinRuss

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    My choice thus far has been using combo of hickory and apple wood. I'm looking to try some others but still working on my charcoal burn.
  3. noboundaries

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    ClayH, welcome to SMF! Glad you're here and infecting the neighbors with the smoking bug. It is definitely contagious.

    Enjoy the forum!

  4. Thank you, sir!

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  5. noboundaries

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    Sir was a long time ago Clay. Ray works fine now. And it's good to know you can hold your breath for 3-6 months!
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    Welcome to your new Addiction (the forums) ... If you would like some hands on experience/tips/tricks and great food with some of the other members here ..... then come join us in Sebring for the 7th Annual S. Fl. Gathering coming up in Nov.

    As said in the thread.. If it's only for a day.. that's cool too... If your not into camping ...
  7. Thanks, Ray, 92 days was the longest... Boomer life.
    Keith, I appreciate the warm welcome. I'll have to talk to the wife to see if we can make it.
  8. [​IMG] Good morning and welcome to the forum from a beautiful sunny and cool day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about everything.
    Tasty looking pulled pork
  9. Thanks, Gary. I appreciate all your state does for smoking.
  10. nimrod

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    Hello from the east side of Martin County. Welcome to the forum & hope to see you at the Gathering next month.
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  11. Thanks, Craig. Do you buy grocery meat, or from a butcher? I've been looking for a good butcher around here.
  12. SmokinAl

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    Welcome to SMF!
    That's some good looking PP!
  13. Thanks, Al!
  14. welcome to the forum from Delray Beach.
  15. nimrod

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    I've had no luck finding a reasonably priced butcher. Been shopping the sales at the grocers.
  16. Thanks, Bluefrog.
    Nimrod, I guess I'll just have to keep getting mine from Costco.

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