Oxtail Stew, Rice & Peas, Coco bread & Mango Habanero sauce - For you Chef Jimmy J

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    On my Jerk Chicken thread Chef Jimmy J mentioned his favorite Jamaican dish is Braised Oxtail heavy on the Matouk's sauce which reminded me I haven't had oxtail in a long time. This past weekend I was feeling tropical so I ran out to find some Oxtail and put together some good old Jamaican Oxtail stew and since I have some Habs I might as well throw together a hot sauce.

    Oxtail stew

    2lbs Oxtail

    1 Onion chopped (I used sweet)

    2 Tomatos chopped

    2 Scallions chopped

    2 Carrots Chopped

    2 Scotch Bonnets minced (used Habs instead)

    2 Cloves of garlic minced

    6 Sprigs of Thyme (leaves taken off and slightly minced)

    1/2 tsp Allspice

    1/2 tsp Salt

    1/2 tsp Pepper

    1 can of Broad beans (aka Fava) I used white Kidney beans cause I couldn't find fava

    5 cups of water

    Got some Oxtail (about 2lbs)


    In a bowl coat the meat with the:





    Salt & Pepper


    Set in fridge for an hour to let seasonings meld with the meat

    (I am using a pot because my cheap plastic mixing bowl broke)


    In a pot on Med-High Heat sear the Oxtail along with the seasoning in about a tbs of oil


    Flip when browned (when meat doesn't stick to the pot) and do the same for the other side


    Then add the onion, carrot, tomato for about 2 mins stirring so it doesn't burn. Then add the water and deglaze (as you can see some of the seasoning burned a little but it doesn't matter cause that's good flavor)


    Bring to a boil then drop down to a simmer for about 3 hrs.

    While that is simmering make your sides.

    I went to my Hab plant (supposed to be Scotch Bonnet but my buddy gave me the wrong seeds [​IMG]) [​IMG]

    This was actually before I made anything cause some of the peppers went into the stew and rice and peas


    Sauce started as

    5 Habs (everything except the stem)

    1/2 Sweet Onion

    1/2 Carrot

    1 Clove of Garlic

    1 Mango

    1/2 Cup of White Vinegar

    Pinch of Salt

    Simmer until carrot and onion are cooked

    (Picture was before I put the liquid in)


    Then I realized I didn't shred the carrots like I normally do so the carrots took to long and lost to much liquid so I had to add about 2 tbs more vinegar and a little water. Wife tasted it and wish she didn't (to hot) so added a little sugar to smooth it out. It was still hot as hell (how I like it) but the little sweet touch from the mango and sugar made it perfect, now she loves the way it burns her and keeps asking for more.

    Blended up and ready for dinner (this goes great with pork by the way)


    After 3 hrs add the drained beans and simmer for another 30 mins and serve.

    Final Plate

    Oxtail stew with rice & peas and a piece of coco bread.

    (picture before I sat down and started putting the hot sauce on, went great with the meat and rice)


    Thanks for looking!
  2. smokinal

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    I've never had oxtail, but yours certainly looks delicious!

    That last photo is a great looking plate of food!

    Great thread & step by step!
  3. frosty

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    Oxtail, the under rated meat.  Delicious when done to perfection like this!  Excellent!  Beautiful Q-view.
  4. chef jimmyj

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    LOL...I ordered 3 Lbs of Oxtails yesterday!...Now I need to find some Scotch Bonnets/ Habs and if the store has it Ripe Papaya...It sucks that I can't find Matouk's in this area. Your Recipe is Very similar to the one I use, but I was taught to add 1/2 cup Soy Sauce and 1-2 Tbs Browning Sauce, Grace's is common but I like Gravy Master...Strange coincidence that you posted this today thanks for the recipes...JJ 

    BTW...What's up with the Child's Portion![​IMG]
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  5. michael ark

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  6. big twig

    big twig Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks Al! It is one of those under used meats, tastes like beef just people get scared of it being a tail. This was my wife's 1st try and she loved it. Couldn't believe out of all the times we have been to Jamaica she never tried it, now I get her to try almost everything.

    Thanks Frosty! Definitely under rated, I love it.
  7. big twig

    big twig Smoking Fanatic

    I just got a new bottle of Matouk's from Giant in the international section but since I had the peppers figured I would make my own sauce, I was in the mood for mango and the papaya wasn't ripe anyway. I use Grace's hot sauce all of the time on the rice and peas and have used the browning sauce for brown chicken stew and brown fish stew. I can't wait to see your recipe and try it.

    Child's portion....[​IMG]

  8. chef jimmyj

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    I'll post when I make them...I ordered the Tails with a Six Week Dry Aged Rib Roast and 6 ea 8 inch split Marrow Bones...The whole order won't be ready for 3 weeks because of the Beef...JJ
  9. venture

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    Just made some oxtails last week, but yours look a lot better!  Thanks for the recipe.

    About as beefy a flavor as you can get, they are great.  A friend in the meat packing biz told me they used to throw most of them away.  Now they are 4.50 per LB here.  Sometimes 2.99 on sale.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  10. big twig

    big twig Smoking Fanatic

    I'll be looking for it. Aged rib roast sounds great too, got me jealous. What are you gonna do with the marrow..... roasted, stock, soup?

    Thanks! The price has gone up around here too (think I paid $3.99lb), I liked it better when they were dirt cheap.
  11. daveomak

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    Ahron, morning.... Luv Ox tails..... I have heard, and can confirm, the best meat on the cow comes the the north end and the south end..... tongue and tails....

    great job on the tails....   Dave
  12. moikel

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    Great job,looks brilliant .Ox tail one of those things you either get it or you dont. I do a few different things with them but mostly in the winter,or what we call winter down here[​IMG]Im with Dave Omak on taste beef cheeks hard working muscle tasty.Tail hard working muscles tasty. You just have to know how to cook them & you obviously do.The price always goes up when people work out what they are missing.
  13. big twig

    big twig Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks DaveOmak!
  14. roller

    roller Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    Thats another one of those meats that the Food Network has made the price go sky high on...They look great !!!
  15. scarbelly

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    Man that is some great looking chow for sure. I would love a plate of that! Great tutorial too 
  16. africanmeat

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    I love oxtail and yours  looks great . at my house i put in rad wine and chicken stock to caver the meat + 1 finger add 2 TBS  flower and mix and put it in the oven covered  at 210 for 4 hours uncover 250 for an hour .you will get soft soft meat and a thick gravy 
  17. mballi3011

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    We have had ox tail stew a couple of times on a few of our trips to Jamacia. Your stew looks great and I bet it taste awesome to.
  18. big twig

    big twig Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks Roller! That is the only thing I don't like about food shows, they let everyone know about great products then the price goes up.

    Thanks Scarbelly!

    Thanks Ahron! Yours sounds great too!

    Thanks mballi!

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