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Depends on how much trouble you will get in for trashing the Oven? 
You make no sense, your first post was about cold smoking sausage help. you want to make it like the old days. it has been in the smoke house for 12 hours now your putting it in a oven.
well my friends are telling me so many different things to do.inside temp of smoke house is 76 that's all I can get out of it when the outside temp is -10.

yes the meat has cure in the seasoning that I bought from a local meat house
ya know I never thought of that.thank gosh we are getting another one for the wedding present in January.lol
A true cold smoke is done at around 52 to 71 degrees. So the smoke house temp is actually a little high.  It's not a constant smoking procedure either,  My grandpa   use to start the smoke house in the morning let it burn out and after supper light it again by morning it was out and he would start the process all over again.
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