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  1. I just received a package of seasoning that say for the sure cure to mix 1 oz of the sure cure to 25 lbs of meats.  I am trying to convert this to teaspoons.  What part of a teaspoon would I use for 1 lb of meat?

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    You use 1 teaspoon (tsp) for 5lbs meat so for 1lb you would use 1/5 tsp but I know you don't have a 1/5 tsp measure so use a 1/4 tsp and don't fill it up, you will just have to eyeball it but make it light.

    I bought a gram scale from Amazon for about $10 and it makes measuring cure and spices a lot easier.
  3. The 1oz is a weight and teaspoon is volume. If the measurement was a volume it should be written Fluid ounce or fl oz. Sure you can get close but if you want to make a good sausage consistently use a scale. I have a spice scale which maxs out at 200g and a larger kitchen scale for weighing the meat.
    Check amazon for american weigh systems for gram scale and oxo makes a good scale for big bowls.

    Go metric and leave the math and fractions out of cooking..... 1gram = .035274oz thats no fun to compute.
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    No teaspoon there...................1 oz equals 28.3495 grams/25= 1.13398 grams per lb of meat. To be accurate you will need a gram scale. i bought one from harbor freight for about 12 dollars and it works greatGood luck and happy smokingJoe
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