Oops I missed this but here I am now

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Original poster
Apr 18, 2007
Sorry about that. I missed this as I went straight for the other list, propane and electric.

My name is Mel

Mainly just learning

We actually have a charcoal smoker and love smoked meats esp salmon but we don't use it very much due to the fact that it is so time consuming it seems.

We are in FL.

I joined this group in hopes of finguring out which smoker to buy my hubby for his b day.

I thought a nice propane or electric would be nice . And I think we would
get a lot more smoked meals from them esp since I could use them so much easier also.

Its just the two of us so we don't need a very big one.

Also hoping to learn some good tips and recipes here.

I posted on the propane and electric to try to get opinions on both.

I am at a loss to figure out which is actually better for us so I am hoping you all can give me some help in this area.

Heres to learning as much as I can and enjoying eating our efforts!

Thanks and look forward to seeing you all around

replied to your question on the propane thread

You might get many responses since you placed your questions in several threads, don't forget to check them all out.


Good to see you joined up. I recently did and find the education here better than a school and/or trial and error cooking
Welcome to smf melh...you'll find everything you need here ! welcome aboard
Nice to have you with us Mel. Please feel free to share any adventures and ideas and also to take any of the good advice provided here for your use.
Welcome Mel -

You'll find all are good smokers and those that have one will probably favor that type. I think a big factor is how easy do you want to make it and what your budget is. Keep in mind this may not suit you - so do you want to spend a fortune?

Do you plan t just smoke a brsiket once in a while or do a pulled pork or do you envision making sausages, Hams and bacon? DO you like to entertain maybe you need something bigger or smaller.

Is it JUST for your husband or will you use it too? It's a very addictive hobby once you get into it.
Hey Mel, nice to meet you. I've got to agree with Debi about usage and budget being magor issues. Also add time to the equation(sp). If you have time to stand out next to the cooker, go charcoal (wood). If you need more time away from the cooker, maybe propane or electric. It is all a matter of personal preference in the long run. Heck, I know I'm not the only one here with multiple cookers.
Hi Mel, nice to have you join us here at SMF. Might I suggest that you signup for Tulsa Jeff's 5-day eCourse? It's free plus it's good info to have on hand.

Enjoy the Forums!
Welcome to the SMF melh. Whichever way you decide to go in a smoker, I'm sure you'll love it once you start making and eating some incredibly great tasting smoked food. Great folks here, so jump right in with any and all questions and comments.

Glad you found us!!
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