Ooni Pizza Oven vs OkJ Combo

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Original poster
Jun 15, 2021
Hi All,

I recently acquired an Oaklankma Joe combo grill/smoker:

And am debating an Ooni pizza oven:

Curious as to everyone’s thoughts on this as I can’t tell if it’s redundant or not. I know Pizza isn’t necessarily a speciality of a grill, but wondering what else beyond that the oven may be superior in.
The Ooni is a well designed PIZZA Oven. Buy it to make Pizza.
Yes, you can cook a small pan of Fish or Bacon. Bake some Potatoes, maybe bake a few other Veggies or food items that are not more than a few inches tall. There are better types of equipment to cook these items in, other than a small specially designed Pizza Oven...JJ
IMHO, if you want to make Neapolitan-style pizzas that require super high temps, it is not redundant to get an Ooni. Most Ooni ovens are also relatively portable which is a nice feature. I'm pretty happy with making larger NY pizzas (which don't need that sort of crazy high heat) in my kitchen oven, so I bought the smaller Ooni Koda 12 which I can use for Neapolitans, pita bread, roasted veggies, and other smaller dishes that do well in high temps. The Koda 16 is way more spacious, so bigger pizzas and less of a learning curve (read: setting less pizzas on fire lol), but it's also more spendy.
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