One of the reasons I am happy to be moving out of Ga.

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Jul 19, 2010
   How embarrassing... 

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LOL, them dang kids......Get off my lawn ..........    Mr Dylan said it years ago

The times they are a-changin'
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AS THE HOOKERS walk the sidewalks so very close to the curbs.It ain't only in Ga. but seems to be an ordanance that from time to time is enforced all over.Like in AZ.if you hold a sign asking for $ in the median you need a reflective vest.
Those are not the first girls to have that happen.  I remember seeing it somewhere else too

I have a vest - maybe I can get a median in AZ during the winter to supliment my retirement
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Those Girls Scouts looked scared.  There are definitely two ways of handling things, and that was the wrong way.

Girl Scout:  Sir, would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?

Customer:  Sure, They're made with real Girl Scouts, Right?

Sorry, couldn't help myself!
Now that's something you'd expect to see in S. Florida. That's why we moved to a small town in Central Florida after 35 years in Ft.Lauderdale. Oh and Scar, you can stand on a corner with a vest here too, but were also a carry State.
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Seems to me the cops were only doing their job, but somebody should have told those particular cops how to do their job, without scaring little girls!!!

I once had to walk across the NJ TPK to shoot an Azimuth on some antennas we were checking on a tower job. I had a hard hat & a reflective vest on, but a NJ State cop stopped and gave me hell. He said I have to get permission to walk across the TPK, ahead of time. I asked him----Now how would I know ahead of time that a tower I never saw before had an antenna sector pointing over the TPK, and that there was a magnetic field in the close area of the tower that caused me to have to get farther away from the tower so the magnetic field was not interfering with my compass, and that in order to get that far away from that tower, I would have to walk across the turnpike.

His answer (smiling)---That's your problem, and drove away.

Just another Bearcarver "Rant",

Just an observation on a couple of things.  The policeman was doing what he was expected to do.  We may not like the ordinance, but, if it's there, he's responsible for enforcing it.  The manner in which he enforced it?  Well, unfortunately it's a reflection of how many in our "society" feel when dealing with others.  We've been evolving, unfortunately in the wrong direction.  It's not "The Happy Days" of 1962, or Mom and Dad in "The Beaver" show anymore.  And, I don't even want to mention the Andy Griffth show and it's influence on the perception of what life is like in rural America, somewhere back there (remember, I'm a left coaster).

Now about the talking head who started off the news report, talk about abrasive and in your face attitude......  see what I mean.  Brash.   And the kids today??

Hey, it's Saturday (well, everyday is Saturday, when you're retired).  All the snowbirds rush down to AZ before Scar to get the good median sites.
Why is the focus on the police officer?  My guess is it makes for a good story.  What I am left wondering is how the troop leaders and parents would put the girls in a situation like that.  After reading the mission statement of the Girl Scouts I am confused why they would put cookie sales ahead of following the law (whether we like the law or not.)  I think a good story would have been one of the adults stepping up taking responsibility, and apologizing for not setting the right example for the scouts.  Everyone makes mistakes, in my opinion this story is over looking who made the mistake.

My village called, I have to go now...


After watching the vid again , them girls weren't scared in the least nor was the one mom they interviewed, but it sure did make for some sensational air time
I was out in that area today..The word I got was the cop is a known asswipe and is known for having no couth.

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