Old SS recipe I found

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Jan 4, 2014
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A week or so ago I was going through a box of books that used to be my fathers and I found one of the old ledgers from our family farm.

Inside the book was an old recipe for SS that said to “let the beer sour meat for 3 days”. The recipe looked pretty good, so I made a 5 pound batch.

It’s smoking now in my scrap wood smoker I’m using until I finish the main build I’m working on.

I’ll get some sliced shots later and if the recipe is solid, I’ll post it.


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Sounds like it might be a hit. I too am interested in a recipe. Never can have too many lol?
This one was FUN to decipher... Coffee cup of salt, corcander seeds, 100 pounds trim, etc... I tried to get it right, but I may have just invented a new one figuring it all out and then scaling down to a 5# batch. We shall see I guess...

WTH is a corcander seed? I went with coriander, I guess that was available in the 40s? No clue.
Looks like it’s gonna be good. Pretty sweet scrap wood smoker too
Thanks. The scrap wood smoker was made on a whim when I realized that I was about to need to smoke some sticks about 6 months ago.

I have an electric element in the bottom of it and control it with an Auber PID. It's been working great, but no way I could use it for anything more than jerky or sausages. I have a larger smoker in work, but need to decide the layout of the outdoor cooking area before I can finish it. This little critter has turned out some killer jerky, salmon, and sausages so far! I plan to "upgrade" it a bit and keep it in the lineup as I go along.
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