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  1. I have the opportunity to pick up a wrangler for $399. Store manager at Academy said he is trying to get rid of his overstock of wranglers so offering $100 bucks off. Would like some feed back from the smoking meat family. Thanks ya'll. Mike.
  2. [​IMG]Mike.

    Don't know anything about it. Someone will be along soon who has one.

    Happy smoken.

  3. I had an Old Country Pecos that I just got rid of. The Pecos is the next one down in size from the Wrangler. It's not that I wanted to get rid of it but had to because the BBQ Gestapo wouldn't let me use it at the condo I'm renting at while I build our new house. I absolutely loved that smoker!! Shortly after I got it I did a conversion to heat with propane, which was WAY cool (and convenient) so that added to the love. It had some minor leakage around the lid but nothing serious. It really only leaked much at all if for some reason I just had too much smoke going. Even with that, therer are many easy ways to seal the lid if it's an issue for you. All in all I would say I'm very happy with the Old Country brand. I cooked a LOT of food on that thing and am proud to say it was the best BBQ I have ever had. If I weren't going to have a custom unit built that I designed I'd buy the Wrangler in a second, especially at the price you indicated.

    Hope this helps....
  4. glocksrock

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    I have a wranger and absolutely love it. The only thing I did was add tuning plates, and I just swapped out the log grate with a piece of expanded metal to allow for better airflow. Besides that it's been great, holds the heat really well and the food tastes amazing. I got mine for $425 new on craigslist and I could'nt be happier with it... well I guess I could be happier if it were a tad bigger, but for the majority of the cooking I do on it, it's large enough.
  5. smoking works

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    I just bought a Wrangler Smoker, and it did very well. It's maiden smoke was for Easter. I smoked 3 racks of pork ribs. I'm realizing that I need some tuning plates. I know there was a thread in here where someone modified their Wrangler. I'm still looking for the thread to get the dimensions of the plates. I'll also be needing to make a coal basket out of expanded metal.

    But the smoker did really well. I'm a very pleased with mine.
  6. smoking works

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    Hey Glocksrock: If you would, can you tell me more about the tuning plates you used? Dimensions, material, etc? Any help would be
    Greatly appreciated.

  7. YES, I'd like to know the dimensions of those tuning plates as well. Thickness, length and width please!!!!!  ANYONE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  8. A $100 buck off is a pretty good deal, you can spend a little time and just a few bucks sealing up any leaks

  9. I bought my wrangler about 2 moths ago. Its a solid pit.. After a month I had the plates made. I read a thread about the tunning plates and did no understand how he set his up. I had 5 plates cut 3/16 steel 16in by 4 inches. I set them all up and after some adjusting I got the surface 11° from ho box to smoke stack. The one thing I'm thinking about doing is adding a restrictor plate to cut down on the heat.. I have found in order to achieve TBS.. I'm usually running a higher temp than I would like.. Anyone have any suggestions on that? Thanks
  10. jcrevz

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    you really do not need much fuel at all. i split my splits. on windy days I leave both dampers (stack and box) wide open and it stays ~225-250, and type of wood also affects temps. 
  11. I normally run two small logs.. I really struggle with temps. When you put room temp meat on smoker how much does it affect gauge reading? I normally smoke with hickory maple and red oak.. But wind swirling around causes me to burn more wood to keep fire burning..
  12. whitefish

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    Yeah, I've got a Wrangler. Best offset for under $500. Love it. Only mods I've done are sealing it up and a charcoal basket. Keep your fire small and work up from there. It wants to run at 275. Pic is a recent jerky cook that turned out great.
  13. Nice Looking Jerky

  14. Yes. Very good looking jerky! I see in the pic you have a holder for your temp probe? Does it give a more accurate temp as apposed to laying it on the smoking surface? Does anybody have issue with temp gauge accuracy after putting on meat? Just wondering..
  15. whitefish

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    I made that one out of aluminium gutter flashing I got at Home Depot. I also have some that came with my Maverick. But you can cut an onion or potato in half and insert the probe thru those or drill out a clothes pin or small block of wood. I'd rather measure the air temperature rather than the grill surface, but I don't think it would make a huge difference. As for your question on accuracy, if you can measure boiling water at 212, it should be accurate after you put the meat on.
  16. I'm referring to the gauge in pit. Seems like I have I stable at 225 and then throw on some meat and it drops the temp down. I agree.. This pit is comfortable at 265-275... For that reason I was thinking about putting a damper on the hole that allows the heat and smoke it to the smoke chamber... I think it would give me more control with heat and smoke entering the smoke chamber.. Any thoughts on that? As anyone tried that before?

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