Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow Mod. It can be done!!!

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  1. Hello all,

    Please see link on my Longhorn Reverse flow mod. Please feel free to ask any questions. I will get a full video up on youtube shortly and will post the link here.

    Baffle was made in to a removable fluid tray, Fire box lowered about 2.5", Smoke stack relocated, full fire box and pit gasket kit. toggle clamps on pit and fire box, custom wide shelf on front, BBQ Guru fan and temp control kit, used a 1/2" conduit adapter for entry of the temp and meat probes. Smokes really good, love my new smoker!

    Huge thank you to my buddies James and Frank that did all the metal fabrication and work, Thank you guys!!!


    YouTube link on mod project:
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    How long will it hold temp until you have to refill it with fuel? I have a OK Joe Highland and I sealed my fire box by welding the crap out of it, installing the gasket kit on the fire box and smoke chamber, installing some custom made tuning plates and I still can't get more than 2-3hrs out of a load of charcoal and wood. It holds temp steady @220 with the Pitmaster IQ but doesn't last long at all. I was thinking about doing the reverse flow mod if I can get some more time out of it.
  3. if I'm cooking 250-275 I usually add wood every few hours so I would say it is roughly the same as what your getting. Unless you build a much bigger firebox I think this about the best you can do. I have always had offsets prior and I will tell you this cooks way better then any offset I've had. It differed 20-25 degrees from left to right and I can use the entire cooking area without worrying about burning on the firebox side or even the reverse flow side. Hope this helps a little with your question.

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