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  1. I still got to drill out the weight supports for the hinge pins, but wanted to wait until I got everything welded on, the part of the hinge that welds to the tank was pre drilled and I used a length of 1/2" round bar and slid it through the outer pin holes to make sure all pins would line up. So now I just use the holes in the tank side hinge to center my bit and drill it right on the tank.

  2. But I got to get some stuff at the hardware store when they open here soon, and it got me some decent Oak yesterday I want to get split and put away, So I'll get back on this , this afternoon. Time to start making my burner ( my favorite part! )

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    RW, morning.... looks very good..... Hey... question.... have you ever weighed the counter weights, noted their positions, weighed ( or estimated) the door weight..... Just trying to figure a calculation for door weights....
  4. No, just kind of lift the door and get a feel for how much it needs, ...then go pick up pieces that feel about right. I had a 5 foot section of this solid stock and it was pretty darn heavy, so I knew I could just got with a length that looked good, and if I was off a little, I could have trimmed some more off or moved it further forward or behind the pivot point to fine tune it. But it worked so well with the first length I cut, I went ahead and welded it on.
  5. My door had sprung out in the middle about 1/4 ", and it was bothering me, so what I did was...I cut a c-clamp in half, and welded the clamp half onto the cook chamber right under the door lip where it was bowed out the most. This allowed me to push in the door by cranking down the clamp. Then I just stuck some scrap on both sides of the door and clamped down between then to work the door back straight. Only took me about ten minutes and I didn't even have to lift that heavy door back off like I thought I was going to have to.
  6. If I really wanted to get scientific about it, I guess you could lift the door to about the half way open, meaning the door was about as level as you could get it, and place a scale under the door and get " that" weight. That's about how heavy you need the weight to be, because as the door goes further up, the weight needed is less due to leverage and the fact that the higher in the swing, the less the doors weigh. ...and lower than that point, the door needs to be heavy enough to keep itself closed.
  7. But then we have leverage to deal with. If I would have had a larger dia round stock available, I would have made the counterweight lower than this ( I really don't like a tall counterweight) but it's all I had, so it's probably close to 50/50 on the weight ratio with the door. I also went with a large hinge off set on this build which caused me to need more leverage as we'll. if using a weld on bullet hinge directly to the door flange, I think a shorter counterweight could have been used instead. But that's how I roll, just make it up as I go.
  8. Looking good, I like the look you have going. Be sure and post picture of when you drill out and install weight support hinge pins. I like the proportions, especially on the counterweight, I have seen some that looked way to big, Is that round stock about 3" ?  doesn't it run about 10 lbs per foot ? Anyway looking forward to your next phase,

  9. Thanks Gary,

    The height is still bothering me, the more I look at it now though, ....but I am putting a 6" stack on this thing, so that should dwarf it and I hope that gets it back to the proportional look I like. I hope.

    Thinking about having the machine shop turn me down some end caps to match the shape of the tank as well,

    I'm just kind of staring at it right now, don't really want to get dirty before I drive to The hardware store.
  10. Had do go get a health screening this morning, ...let me ask you guys a question;

    With my HDL looking a bit low, Do you think that means I should put a bit more Pork Fat in my sausages?

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    Naah, best way is keep working on smokers and throw a couple pieces of that good grouper you guys have down there on the grill and enjoy!
  12. Fresh Grouper filet, asparagus, onion, and small red potatoes quartered , all placed in a basket and sprayed with a light coat of canola oil and dusted with a little rib rub, next to some small spiny lobster tails , all done over an Oak fire is usually what folk get that come to my house for dinner!
  13. Ribwizzard, that sounds so incredible!!!!

    Cheers! - Leah
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    That does sound awesome! And you have wiggle room to slather that spiny in garlic butter, that will keep the doctor away.
  15. My favorite part!

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    RW nice looking smoker! I love the idea of weighing the doors with a scale think I will do that.
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    What ?????? No center punch to start the drill bit ..... How many bits you break.....
  18. I got four ft done before breaking the first bit, then called it a night. I'll work a little bit each night until I get all 10 ft I need done.

    It was probably time to put in a new bit anyway, so not much worried about the broken bit. Center punching ....just takes too long when doing a burner, just way too many holes to drill. Just got to use a clean, crisp little jab with the bit.

    But you should have seen the 1/2" bits I broke today, probably $60 bucks worth, ended up finishing holes with a broken off tip. At least I made it through the weekend with no blood, burns, etc. Feeling good about that!
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    Nice build, Thumbs Up. Gonna make some good Q with that.... WHB
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    What is the burner for?

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