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  1. Well, UPS tracking says I should have my trailer parts Wednesday. I dumped the water out of the tank today....still stunk bad of propane... So I put a gallon of degreaser in it and just let the water flow out of it for an hour or so. Going to be cutting it here soon, so I probably should start flushing it more often.
  2. Looking forward to seeing your build progress.  I still have a tank in my shop and want to do a small build to rent out on weekends.
  3. One of the guys down here gets a couple of big boxes of Baking Soda and dumps in with the water, he says it really helps, don't know for sure or if just makes him feel better.

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    For the fuel tank and cutting. My brother in law worked in construction of gas stations. I was talking with him a while back about cutting fuel tanks and a safe way to do it. He said they would put dry ice in the tanks and let it sit for about 30 min before trying to cut. They would do 10# for every 100gal.

    I am lookin forward to seeing more of your builds. They are always very informative and inspirational.
  5. I have heard of the dry ice to neutralize the gas fumes.  I think the baking soda  was to help with the smell   Not sure ?

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    My understanding is it was to neutralize the the potential of BOOM!!
  7. I will say, I was surprised to still smell such a strong odor after soaking like that for almost a month. I pulled the fuel gauge out and also tilted it while filling this time while filling with soapy water so no air would be trapped.

    It is a nice tank though, it's got the better looking end caps, only has four plugs in the bottom and they are in line. I will just install plugs in three and use the forth for the drain pipe. It has a little rust on the bottom, but does not look like it has pitted the steel yet, just slight surface rust. Usually these are 3/16". , but sticking my finger in the plug hole and trying to gauge the thickness, it feels a bit heavier, might just be wish full thinking though.

    I have changed my mind though on the direction this build will go. I have received many party invites , nascar passes, ect. In the past few months and realized that I don't have a small, portable, tailgater sort of cooker. My big pit is a bit big for that sort of thing, not wanting to pull it all over the state like that. I'm going to step up to 12" rims on this build so I won't be worried about running 80 mph down the highway with it. I'm also going to try to give it as much wood/cooler storage as possible under the cooking chamber. I don't want to lengthen or widen the trailer any, still want it to be compact, so that's where I will have to incorporate the storage.

    Trying to google pit trailers to get ideals has made me realize that many builders , even the big names , cut a lot of corners in that area. I'm trying to come up with something really cool, but more than likely will have to mock everything up and sit and stare at it a while.
  8. [ATTACHMENT=1040]image.jpg (1,125k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  9. That's a beautiful thing
  10. Your sausage is a beautiful thing!!!!  Thinking of making some myself
  11. Well, got me a trailer built this morning, now I can get on with this build.....[ATTACHMENT=1052]image.jpg (1,241k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  12. The angle on the back is just temporary, will inset the firebox then scab the two frame rails into the side of it, wanted to get the axle as far back as possible.
  13. Nice and compact, Is up towards the front where you was thinking of using expanded metal ?  I like the way it should be low to the ground, a lot easier to cook on, Boy all kind of ideas running through my head looking at your trailer.  Can't wait to see the whole thing developing

  14. Spent most of the morning just trying to lay out the measurements. I set the front corners to line up with the front weld seam of the tank. I want my front braces to set under the serving rack to help support the rack and hide the supports. Centering the cooker on the trailer will give me about 14" from the outside of the tank to the front edge of the fender, so I think a 12" serving rack will feel natural and won't have me feeling like I'm reaching over the fender.

    I'm pondering the ideal of making "gull wing" doors. ( doors on both sides of the cooker ) and making the whole thing symmetrical , side to side. It's all going to depend on how much room I can squeeze under the tank, I'll need that room for storage. If I can get a serving rack on both sides and still have room enough to access that area, I may go with that ideal. I think it would be cool like that. I won't know until next week when I mount the firebox and the cook chamber on there. I have some heavy woven mesh, and if there is enough I'll use that over expanded metal under the tank , it's a lot more durable.

    The triangle up front I'm thinking I will cover with diamond plate and cut a circle out of the middle and mount my propane bottle there.

    I also picked up a 5000 lb jack with a caster wheel for the tongue, that should make it easy to push around by hand.
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    RW....... Since you are experimenting........ Put a sliding wood rack on each side.... that way each rack will only have to carry the weight of 1/2 the wood.... You could add side boards and back board or what ever tickled your fancy.......
  16. That is an ideal Dave, thanks, ....I was thinking about how Id like the wood to stay under the tank to help keep it protected".....
  17. What do you think the ideal height should be? For the main cooking grate ? I have a tendency to go a bit to tall for most people.
  18. How much room are you looking to have between the smoker and trailer ?

  19. I was mocking it up with some cardboard boxes this afternoon and I don't think that clearance will be much of an issue, all I wanted was for it to have enough storage for wood for two cooks, and there will be plenty of room for that.
  20. No ideals on cooking surface height from ground?

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