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  1. Ok....Lenox brand hole saws rock! Six holes in 3/16" plate and 6 holes in 1/4" plate on one bit and it's still cutting!!!!! I bought four of these last night thinking I'd go through at least three bits.

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    Nice! Looking good
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    Did you use any coolant ?? Was the chuck speed slow ??
  4. I used trusty ol' 3 in 1, DaveOmak, And something I've learned, hole saws cut better with a hand drill vs a drill press...?... I guess that's due to being able to lean it around a little, or maybe better felel for when it's cutting right? I don't know...but always do them by hand now days. Hard to beat trusty Milwaukee magnum!
  5. RW,  Your right they do cut better with a hand drill.  I think the reason is that the drill press is set up to cut perfectly square at 90 degree angle which results in all the teeth of the bit hitting the work surface all the time.  With the hand drill you probably rock the drill a little to take some of the pressure off.  This produces less heat and safes the blade teeth.  Pipe cutting oil seems to work well for me.  If using a drill press I have found after I start the cut that it helps to put a small wedge under one edge of the piece to elevate it slightly to give some relief when it starts to heat up.
  6. Looking good RW

  7. I'm sick this weekend, but still not going to lay around like I'm dead..

    Did some of the easy work, got my firebox door finished, sand blasted, painted and assembled, ..better than nothing!

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    Looks great Rib! Take care of yourself and get well soon, you need to be nice when you get to work on Monday, someone may want to give you more welders, but not if you are grumpy!
  9. Thanks Len..,

    Piddling with more easy work...

  10. Very nice spring, fits 3/8" bolt perfect!

  11. My fresh air vents, I need to slice a section of 3/4" pipe and weld it over the 3/8" studs to hold the caps on tight, I could have welded the studs inside the boss, but I wanted as much air as possible, ...I'll make a u- shaped handle that attaches to both so as they both open with the same handle that will be easy to reach from the front.

  12. And here is my bottom vent and stainless steel ash pan, thinking I'm going to frame it in with the same 3/8" round stock I'll use for the cooking grates, and extend the frame out the front so I can mount a spring handle, I'm thinking 3" air gap between the pan and the bottom of the firebox should allow enough air movement and still keep ashes from blowing around too much.....?

  13. Man, I really like the look of that door  Coming together nicely 

  14. Thanks Gary

    I stayed up late last night thinking about adding a rotisserie to this thing , looking at parts on Onegrill website, if anyone knows a better supplier, let me know please.
  15. You are going to have the ultimate smoker/grill   Can't wait !!!   uh oh  starting to rain, wasn't supposed to get here till late this afternoon, had a lot of outside stuff to do   but oh well

  16. I'm just thinking how pretty it wood look with nine slabs of ribs laying flat on the main cooking grate and about 6 or 8 small chickens turn on a split above them.

    Add a few sausage ropes in there somewhere and that would make for a nice BBQ.
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    I have used this site for some stuff I've built around the house and for the boat. They have an interesting selection of surplus gear motors, sprockets, flange bearings and casters. Prices aren't too bad at all and I've never had a problem with the quality even if the item was previously used.


    Feeling better today?
  18. Thanks,

    Yep, heading over to Tampa bay to do a little fishing and afternoon cook out, then tomorrow will hit the steel outlet while I'm over there to get all my stainless. Little R and R and pork fat should fix me right up.
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    Quick question, stainless rod seems to be expensive, do you mind telling me what a going rate is for the stainless rod you are using costs? Is there a break for buying 20' sticks?
  20. Wow, they do have good prices!

    6.5 RPM 115 VAC GEARMOTOR 2051746
    ITEM NUMBER: 5-1770
    PRICE: $18.95
    3296 In Stock

    This item is on page 137 of our current catalog

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