Stuffed Flank Steak.

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That looks fantastic Eric.

Point for sure
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Well dang if that doesn't just look delicious! Nice job!

Thank you Ryan.

Well worth the wait! I could take a couple of those.

Thanks Jim, that’s part of my strategy as a cook, I starve them half to death before feeding them, they never complain about the food.

Awesome! That looks killer!
Thank you, much appreciated.

Wow - helluva job
Thank you

Heck yeah Eric I’d hit that hard!
Appreciate that Jake, it was out of the park good.
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Dang Eric, that looks phenomenal man! I have to try this soon… 👍🏼
Thank you Justin, I hope you do because this was fantastic.

That looks and sounds fantastic, Eric!!
Thank you Charles, and it was.

That looks mighty tasty and very creative! That kinders carna spice is gooooood stufffff!
Thank you Civil, I’ve yet to try a Kinders spice I didn’t like.

Count me in,damn!
I appreciate that.

Yes Eric!! Awesome Job!! That is Incredible looking!
Thank you very much
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That looks fantastic Eric.

Point for sure

Thank you Chris!

Looks amazing!
Thank you Otter.

Wow! Looks pretty Awesome bud. I hope Robert see's this one. It would be right up his alley.
Thank you Brian, yeah Robert’s CPB would definitely kick this up a notch.
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Did ya hear that?
No? My stomach just gurgled loud enough to scare a doe off the plot I'm sitting.

Man does that look tasty!
Thank you Chile. Was dang tasty for sure, your stomach is like mine, it can smell pictures, not sure if that’s a superpower or not though, lol. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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