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Veggie burgers?
Hey, we don't use that kinda language around here.

I got a new mortar and pestle along with a gift certificate to Mountain Rose Herbs. I need to order to make my rubs and I can buy in bulk there.
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My wife got me a chicken stand for smoking whole chicken, she got me a chicken hanger for drumsticks and wings, and she got me Darth Vader heat resistance gloves!

My Sis in law got me a BBQ apron with lots of pockets and a bottle opener!

My Brother got me a WSM cookbook

My Mother in law got me a blender

My parents loaded me up with Redskins stuff. i now have Redskins duct tape. i am not sure what i will do with that but its nice to have!

I am well loved it looks like!

Happy Holidays,

phatbac (Aaron)
Here's what Santa brought me:

I got a little folding table that's the perfect size and height to use next to my gravity fed smoker and my kettle:

Got a new SS roasting rack:

A SS wire basket...I'll use this for grilling shrimp, veggies, and smoking wings:

A new grill brush:

A pair of Weber coal baskets for my kettle:

Been wanting one of these for a while...a weed burner torch...I'm gonna use it for a turbo charcoal starter :th_violent5:

And a set of GrillGrates searing grates, cut to fit my kettle. I used a set of these in my old pellet grill and really liked the sear they put on a steak:

Overall, Santa was probably better to me than I deserved!

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Looks like everyone has some nice goodies.

I got the new slicer,camera,Kitchen Aid 

And to spend time with my kids in Ma.

Ya know. I get so much stuff during the year i told my wife and kids i didnt need anything.

But i did get my feets up in the recliner and some sippin whiskey.
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