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Yeah. I've played $3k+ acoustics that felt terrible (most Martins out of the box) and $150 dollar ones that were wonderful. It's all down to the craftsman who made it that day and the person who sat it up after the fact. My wife's Laguna 3/4 Lil' Brat is still the best feeling guitar I've ever seen and played new out of the box and it's a
Wow guys!! Making me pretty jealous! I don't know the last time my wife bought me something for Christmas or any time lol 10 years and no gifts! Maybe next year I should be looking for an upgrade for Christmas !!! Haha haha I buy her stuff like crazy ... lol
Sooo jealous of the national, that's one I've always wanted. The mrs got me a cool cigar box forChristmas last year that I dig a lot. This year, however, she got me a vac sealer! I've been using the s#&! Out of that thing.
The National is my baby. It is 78 years old and I'm the third owner. Grandma bought it from a guitar player/instructor in Pryor in 1951 or '52 for $25 when she wanted to learn to play. My dad was born in 1953 though and she never learned. It was under the bed upstairs in the guest room wrapped in a sheet as long as I can remember until I started playing guitar and she gave it to me. 

I can't imagine why the original owner was willing to part with it because it was obviously loved. It had been played so much, previous to me having it, that the fret board is worn in such a way that you can almost tell what chords were played the most. I've toyed around with the idea of restoring it with a new fretboard but it still plays well and it just gives it so much character I can't make myself do it. I did have to put a new cone and biscuit bridge in it because the original had been crushed somehow in the years of transporting it around. I also replaced all the felt around the cone when I did it because what was there was basically dry rotting away. Other than that and strings it is 100% original.
That's awesome! If it still plays well I'd probably leave it alone as well. I've had the chance to play a few from that era but could never swing the thousands of dollars they were going for.
That's awesome! If it still plays well I'd probably leave it alone as well. I've had the chance to play a few from that era but could never swing the thousands of dollars they were going for.
I really want a National Triolian Mandolin from the same period to match but I can't swing the price tag either. They just didn't make many prewar.
I bought, this year for myself for Christmas an MES 30 SS front door, small window, 1st gen smoker and a really nice refurbished FoodSaver Vaccum Sealer. With 18 rolls of 11 inches by 16 foot for a total of $193.47 for everything to my door. Had to pull the trigger. So far 1-19.4 lb. brisket and 2-10 lb. pork shoulders. Both turned out excellent with instruction from the forum and the search tool. Very happy starting a new to me hobby.
Bought this for myself ... Benelli Super Black Eagle 2

Well, as we all know, we can hint and hint, but the spouses never get us what we want so we just have to get it ourselves.
I bought the Huntrite No. 12 grinder from Northern Tool $69.99, and some 8" and 11" Weston vac bag rolls from Sportsman's Warehouse during a 2 for 1 sale.
Picked up my Christmas present today. Cabelas has been holding it for me. It's a two hour drive one way so I had to wait until I was going that way.

Fortunately it's between the beach and me and I'm now at the beach!

Pietta 1858 New Army black powder pistol. This is going to be fun!


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You’re going to have a blast with that Case. Black powder is addictive. B
Never been an Ovation fan. I'll stick to my 1972 Yairi Alvarez 12 string and my Taylor T5 for acoustics.

I hear you. I had a Kamen Matrix for over 30 years (purchased in 1981). It took some time to get used to the round back. Both of yours sound nice...but I'm a bit of a klutz at times. With the plastic back I don't damage them as often. I surely hate dinging nice woods. LOL!

I have an rtic 65 dirtsailor. It's awesome your gonna love it. Mines always in the truck full of beer.

It's large, as you can tell in this pic with this years buck. two person carry when it has a few cases of beer and ice in it. Kinda makes me think I need a rtic 45 so I can move my beer easier.

If you ever get tired of lugging the 65 quart around, my side business is making wheel kits for them. Being a part of the smoker forum, I would give you a discount!
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