OK , Best stuffer by far.

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by dave17a, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. driedstick

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    [​IMG]X2  also on seasonings, casings ect,,,,,start saving your money 

  2. mummel

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    You will probably also want the breakfast sausage tube at some point.  Cant remember the exact diameter, but I think it was ~$20 just for that tube, so that that into account when buying.  A stuffer with the breakfast sausage tube is a plus. 
  3. stayhot

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    I'm a tool and die maker and I have a real nice selection of stuffing tubes already.....[​IMG]
  4. mummel

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  5. You will not go wrong with the Weston. Mine is the 15# version and it is a snap to clean and has given me no problems thru many many pounds of meat. just my 2 cents 

  6. Yea.... except for the little sticker that says "MADE IN CHINA"!!... LOL!
  7. stayhot

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    Do you use it to make snack sticks? I have great luck with my plastic geared stuffer for brats and summer sausage but the higher forces required for snack sticks is where the problems for me start. That's why I'm looking for a stuffer that is built the right way to handle this process.
  8. foamheart

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    When I first started looking at stuffers some of the Pros from here told me that the smaller the stuffers capacity the easier then snack sticks were to load. The larger the stuffer the harder it is to load  smaller casing. Its why those little pistol sausage shoots work for stix. I have had zero problems loading the small sheep casing with my LEM 5 lber. Its a pain to load the casing on the tube, but the casing loads easy.
  9. mummel

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    Another vote for the LEM.  I really like it and use it a lot more than I thought.  Geeez guys youre making me hungry.
  10. stayhot

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    Well I pulled the trigger and bought a Cabelas 5# with metal gears. In comparing the 2 (Cabelas and LEM) side by side I have to believe they are made in the same factory. On sale for $109 and with my Cabelas points and $20 off online purchase coupon, cost me $40...Pretty happy! My old Kirchner 5# stuffed its last batch of snack sticks yesterday, the gears and threaded rod are completely shot!!
  11. gander mountain has their 5lb stuffer with nylon gears for 69.99 right now. might be a decent buy for some folks.
  12. mummel

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    Make sure you stuff comes with counter clamps.  Makes a huge diffs to ease of use.
  13. I use workworking clamps, and have the stuffer bolted to a board. easier to clamp down.
  14. X 2 .................... works great 
  15. hoity toit

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    I reccomend the Waltons Old West 11lb stuffer for larger quantities of meat.https://www.waltonsinc.com/11-lb-sausage-stuffer

    It has held up real well and I put a lot of pressure on it sometimes...It has two gear settings a hi and a lo. However, For smaller batches I wish I had the smaller stuffer.
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  16. dirtsailor2003

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    That's the way I have my LEMon Squeezer set up. The board is cut to the same width as the counter that I use. Clamp it to the counter using two quick grip clamps.  I coated my board in epoxy to make clean up easy and sanitary.

  17. mine is the same set up  but instead of using wood I got a cheap poly cutting board , drilled and bolted it together so I can clamp it down. the poly is easy to clean and cheap at most box stores.

  18. mummel

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    I just clamp my LEM directly to the countertop.  It seems to work fine.  Where those holes are drilled in the four corners.  I put the clamps over that, and then around the edge.  No problems so far.
  19. jimalbert

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    I cant believe no one has mentioned the Grizzly.  I love both of mine.  I have a 5lb (nylon gears) and the 15 pounder (metal gears).

    5 LB - http://www.grizzly.com/products/5-lb-Sausage-Stuffer-Vertical/H6252

    15LB - http://www.grizzly.com/products/15-Lb-Sausage-Stuffer-Vertical/H7776

    The 15 Pounder is on sale right now for 169.95, you cant beat that.  I have never had a problem with my 5 pounder with nylon gears either.  You just need to make sure your not cranking away when it bottoms out and I always add a little bit of water to my mixture.

    Just my .02

  20. I have granite and not very much land to work with as far as overhang, so I cut a pc of hardwood plywood the width of the area I mount it, used the holes in the base plate for carriage bolts, drilled holes,and tee nuts in the bottom for the bolts. I put a coat of poly over two coats of poly-shades on it. easy to clean and smooth surface. the wood clamps are the quick clamp variety and it takes a couple seconds to install them. 

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