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OH NO!!!! The Dreaded Doctor Visit!!


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I haven't been around too much lately being busy with spring work on the farm,moving my wife's sewing business,my grandfather passing away,and everything else going on! I have to say that i miss being on here every night!! Oh well,I'll do my

best to check in. And now the bomb.... after weeks of running around like a mad man i have not felt that great over the last 2 week or so and my ankle is so swollen that now i can barely walk on it! Damn had to go to the doctor...being a self employed

farmer i DO NOT have health insurance, I could not make myself pay 650 dollars a month to cover just myself. Plus pay for my wife's insurance because she is living and fighting cancer so i don't even want to tell you what i'm paying for hers,..

So after paying my 85 bucks just to see the doctor,he said that i needed to do blood work and lose some weight...Damn no more good food!!! OK no problem bloodwork done and back to the doctor for the results. After the way he talked you would think that i'm already dead!!! My tyroid is not working right,my sugar level is slighty high at 110,cholesterol is getting high,blood pressure is high,and he thinks i am getting arthritis! WHAT arthritis...I am only 34 years old how can i have that already!!!!

As far as the ankle goes, i'm not going to pay the 3000+ for a MRI so doc says to stay off of it and ice as much as i can.

YEAH RIGHT.. I can almost do that,apparently he thinks I have nothing to do!!!! So I told him that if he would work for me or

pay my bills,i would gladly stay off the ankle.I don't have time to stay off the ankle!!! seriously is that the best he can come up with!!!!

So now i am on a diet,arthritis medication,thyroid medication,and just all around hating life right now!!!! I know that I have to do this it just sucks!

I'm not going to take blood pressure pills or get diabetes so diet and exercise is the only way to go! I have been doing alot of

quick smokes lately, mostly chicken breasts and fish one top round steak. anything that is a fast smoke and that is good for me. I have cut out all sugars and salt from my rubs,and no more bad eating. Everything i eat is measured and weighed out so i know what i'm eating. Its only been a week and i'm already down 12lbs. ....not too bad!! but i still have more to lose,so on goes the struggle!

Lookin around here i have found some new ideas on being able to smoke and still have it healthy but i am always looking for more so if any of you have some more ideas please feel free to let me know! I still like to see all the good food that our members are making so i'm going to keep on here to see what i can have once i lose the weight i want to and all my levels are back in the "green" In moderation of course!

I haven't really been posting my healthy smokes ...but maybe i'll start some.It might just help some of us out with being a little more healthier!! So tonights dinner is tuna steaks....look for it later!!

Thanks for listening to me ramble!! LES


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WOW sorry to hear all the bad news but all I can say is it will get better. Glad you are back on the forum.


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...... ok hissy fit is over.

I feel for you brother, I am not quiet as bad of as you, but I did have to start the blood pressure meds. They actually are not bad, I take hydroclorothyazide and it basically just gets excess water out of your body - so you have to pee a lot. Please do post some of your healthier stuff, I would be very interested in some of the ideas...... god knows that a lot of us here probably need to shed a little extra fluff... lol. Good luck and I hope things start getting better!


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It might take awhile, but the door will swing the other way soon. Hang in here my friend.


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Thanks guys! its not that bad just takes some getting used to. But i have to do it so i'll keep it up.


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Yes Les I encourage you to keep it up!

Seven years ago I needed knee surgery for torn ligaments, the doctor put me on anti-inflammatory drugs for six months (2 weeks is the max come to find out), the meds gave me high blood pressure, the high blood pressure meds gave my diabetes, ...I started on insulin just over a month ago, ...I've had to learn how to live with this disease and follow a balanced plan for eating because it can make me a vegetable, blind or paralyzed before it kills me.

I sympathize and emphasize with you, you are young and you have the right attitude, please continue taking care of your health and the rest of my friends here I know you don't want to hear this on a "eating " forum, but please take the time to search the web for info on diabetes, if you are over weight the fat is blocking the insulin from reaching the muscles and that is causing the pancreas to work "overtime" which in layman's terms causes it to retire early and you will become a diabetic, ...a sensible, balanced plan for eating can prevent it.



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Sorry to hear about your health problems Les. It sounds like you are taking great strides to reverse your symptoms. IMHO the older you get the more important exercise is. It has a way of negating the bad habits you may have acquired. 

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