Octopus,bacon & foraged greens.

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Outstanding Moikel !!!

Nothing like a great Fish Market and The Man who knows what to do with it !!!

Glad you all liked it. Cobia is a bit of  rarity& I couldn't find it as fillets .They were $100  fish
! I wanted some spanish mackerel for the smoker but it was all cut into cross sections & I couldn't find whole fish. 

Our local Asian people are very particular about what they want but will pay for it. They Chinese want white flesh,mild taste stuff they can steam or braise, snapper, blue eye cod,bar cod,bass groper,hapuka all top dollar. They want mud crab,prawns & crayfish. 

I like stuff with a bit of oil,so for me its marlin,king fish,mackerel .mulloway.I am a sucker for barramundi & I love anything with tentacles.

Now I am hungry!
Marlin steaks were $12 a kg,great fish for the grill. But the price on a lot of premium fish was stupid. Chinese people love coral trout,from the Great Barrier Reef & other tropical places ,over priced. Bar cod cutlet was $35 a kg
, its great fish but I won't pay that price. 

Long w/e may have pushed prices up.
Looks like all turned out great, looked awesome..... WHB
It was really tasty ,meat was tender.Easy to do on the stove top or in the oven.O'pus is a lot of bang for your buck,clean ,dense white flesh,little waste way less than fish,easy to clean. Not much in this world can't be improved by the addition of bacon
Beautiful meal Moikel, You sure that wasn't the fish market in New Orleans? Oysters, shrimp, and crawfish..... only thing wrong was the octopus.

Told you before I started eating octopus in Spain, it was much different than I expected because they understood how to cook it. It wasn't tuff at all, the little I understood from the server, I thinks she was telling us it was good for a stomach ache, or maybe she meant handover...LOL But it was good.

Pretty plate, colorful greens which held there color..... Girlfriend should have been impressed!

Great job!

PS:: didn't know about salt with octopus!
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I understand the skin throws some salt,I  never add salt to any dish with O'pus. I have seen people plunge it in boiling water a few times then start again from scratch so it ditches the salt.

I like that foraged greens, must have been a cajun in another life
." Polk salad Annie gator got your granny"I love that song. I forage for a few greens but its to hot now for most of them.

Girl friend was impressed with meal & how little mess I made!

I think traditionally a lot of people would catch a few O'pus ,shallow diving without being pro fisherman. Bit like the guys on Duck Dynasty catching frogs. If I can get enough eaters I am going to get one of those jumbo ones,boil it ,cool it off then marinate it,simple EVO,garlic,lemon,herbs & char grill it.

Glad you liked it.
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