NY roast sale, $3.97 lb

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Jan 18, 2020
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Was at my local City Market (Kroger owned) and they have New York roast boneless and choice for 3.97 lb. picked up a couple just to slice into steaks. Been a while since I ate $4.00 a pound steak from the store. Any of you with a Kroger might keep an eye out.
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Holy shit that is a steal man! I bought one at Kroger's the other day and it was $6.97 a lb. Thought that was a good deal! Thanks for the heads up.
Haven't seen them cheap in many years.
Heck 6.97 would be a major deal in my area
Wow! Fantastic price. Should have bought them all and tossed in the freezer. Local markets here have them around $22/lb. They had prime rib roasts on sale for $9.99/lb though, but that is still pretty steep from what I'm used to paying. Still can't wrap my head around these meat prices.
Notice The sell by date. These were probably ones that haven’t sold and no have to go, so they mark them down, but you and I both know they aren’t taking a loss, might maybe selling close to cost. Well, 12.99lb to 3.97lb that’s 9 bucks a pound in potential mark up. Kinda ballsy to even sell them at this price. Question is, does that mean the $45.64 “savings” printed on the label is the mark up on that roast? If so that theft of the public at regular price. Criminal.
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