Now That's A FULL Smoker

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JckDanls 07

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Sep 10, 2011
Tampa area, Florida.
So I was asked to cook for the grandson's Wedding reception/Gender reveal/House warming party... He told me what all he had to cook and we decided to back it down a little...

10 FULL untrimmed slabs of spares (he had 12) these things were huge... 5 slabs of baby backs... and 3 pork butts (he had 4)... and 2 whole chickens ...

It was actually to full... It couldn't breath (draw)... But I just opened everything up wide open and let it eat ... It all worked out in the end and everything turned out perfect...

As many know.. I'm not one to take pictures.. So I had some sent to me.... these are a few they sent



Some were done and removed at this point... I always use Smokin Al's method and take the internal temp


The 2 chickens went in my Mini WSM as beer can chickens... no pics of them ...
That's alot of meat. Good work and congratulations
Wowza. Nice job. Congratulations too
That’s a beautiful thing Keith. Coulda snuck in a few poppers to fill in the voids, but I won’t judge you. Nice job, sir.
Any more pics og that smoker?

The build thread is in my signature line below ...

Coulda snuck in a few poppers to fill in the voids

We thought about it with about two hours to go.. it was to late by then... woulda had to run to the store... take time to make them... and then 2 hrs to cook... wouldn't have been done in time ...
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Much respect for any stick burning cook, but especially one of this size. Nice work and props to you coming through for the family. 👍
Thanks y'all.. I appreciate it... I love cooking on the tractor.. it's so effortless... a split every 30-45 minutes... never touch the vents...

I forgot to say that the cook was done with all Pecan wood....

and "IT'S A GIRL" ...
Nice cook and that smoker is really neat. Congratulations on the upcoming baby girl, best wishes to mom and dad... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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