Not ready to smoke all this deer!!

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Original poster
Jan 13, 2017
Hey everyone. Iactually just joined because I plan on smoking meat sunday to make jerky. Its curing the the fridge right now all seasoned and sliced. But. I do not have a dehydrater. Ill be using a smoker. I seen something about using an oven first? Im just wondering how to do this . I dont want an overpowering smoke flavor that ends up not too good. But i also dont want it dryed out. Help!!? Oven temp. And how long? And smoker temp and how long? Thankyou in advance![emoji]10084[/emoji]
Keep your temps low, under 170 degrees.You're looking to dry it out, not cook it after all. Your jerky will be done when it you can bend it with the grain and it cracks like old leather. If the jerky breaks, it is overdone so keep checking.

SQWIB's post here explains the jerky bend test well.

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