Not a fan of butter on my steak.

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
May 31, 2015
I know there are many that love this but I am no fan. Some consider it a trade secret of putting butter on a steak for the last finishing of a cooked steak. I consider it worthless. But we went to a steak house today. I ordered a bone-in rib eye. I specifically said no butter on the steak. She looked at me weird and said she never heard of that but I said oh yeah...their cooks will know. Well I got my steak and it was buttered. I said I want a new steak and no butter. They brought me another one and it was good. I then received a visit from the kitchen boss and he said he would appreciate it if I did not tell anyone they butter their steaks. I said it's no secret. He said they are trying to keep it as if it was. I laughed and said good luck with that.
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