No Newsletter ?? HELP !!!!

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meat~smoker in n.j.

Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jan 1, 2007
south river,
Hi every one,
I subscribed to the news letter and have not recived any ?? So i figgured i try to subscribe again since we got new fourm site maybe something got messed up ?? In doin so ,, the reply told me that i already joined ....but i`m not reciving The Newsletter !!!!! :-(( HELP !!!! THANK YOU CHARLIE
Hi Charlie, I had shot Jeff a PM this week asking about the newsletter. He said he is running a bit late this month, understanably so considering all the work he's had switching to the new forum. He said it should be going out shortly.

Poor Jeff's so busy trying to build/rebuild the best website on the net he probably hasn't had time to author the news letter.

Let's see rebuild the forum or write a news letter? hmmmmm?

Whic do you prefer?
Sorry folks.. I am slightly behind schedule for several reasons and that is pushing the newsletter back a week or so.

Should be pushing that out by Tuesday morning early
HI every one,
Sorry bout the paniic, I do understand that jeff is making the best web site around !!! And it is by far the best around that i`v seen and all the best folk`s that go with it !!! I look forward to even reading several post from every one that gives loads of info ,I also get alot of chuckles from some also,
well gtg gettin ready for a venison dinner @ our local FD !! yummy
take care & thanks to all .....charlie
No problem Charlie, I had wondered the same thing myself.
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