Nice day for a bbq!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by vonk15, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. First attempt at a bacon wrapped tenderloin. What's a good it to pull it off?
  2. 160 f to 170 f for slicing. Remember to account for carryover cooking. I have to push mine higher of the wife and kids will not eat it. so i have to go 165f then pull and allow it to rest and it will get to 170 f on its own. Allow the loin to rest atleast an hour. I prefer longer. That way it will not dry out when you slice it.
  3. Thanks for the advice. That's the plan then. The weather here in Florida has been to perfect to not be out around the smoker!
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    Personally I think that pulling it off at 140, then covering it with foil for 30 minutes is perfect. The carryover cooking in the foil will bring the IT up to 145, which is safe for pork. If you let it go to 165 or 170 it will be dry.

  5. Thanks smokinal. I have some funny eaters to please so i think I'll prob split the difference then. If pull it at 145 all day if it was up to me, lol
  6. My wife and kids are not happy until its shoe leather. Since we do kitchen equipment repair I have seen things. So at a restaurant if you send her something that looks wrong.. we pay for our drinks and get up and leave.

    Point in fact we only try to eat at places Ive worked that have a god staff and clean. 
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    The new usda safe IT is 145 for pork so adjust to your personal preference.

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