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Sep 20, 2016
Hello, just read a message from a moderator encouraging an introduction so here goes.  Currently reside in Alaska and been here since honorably discharging from the Marine Corp back in 1992, but originally from Iowa.  This summer I decided I wanted to make my own smoked salmon as co-workers, neighbors and the like often give me salmon they have caught.  So I googled a bit to figure out what kind of smoker I wanted to purchase, but stopped short and tried using a "smoke box" in my existing propane grill.  It did not go well in that I had a very difficult time maintaining a low temp.  Did more research and decided to go with an electric smoker by MasterBuilt that has a digital interface and not so useful remote.  Not so useful in that it only allows one to initially set the temp and time, but doesn't monitor the temp from a far.  After nine smokes thus far I believe I have my dry brine down in terms of brown sugar, salt amounts, and brine time.  On my last two I have tried some "spicy" dry rubs on a few fillets; still needs tweaks.  Now that silver salmon fishing is pretty done up here I hope to use the stock in the freezer wisely as I also got back into fishing for them myself this season, but was skunked every time; maybe next year.  Since I am here I'm going to ask a question of "Roll Call" topic if that acceptable.  Now that I have the smoke bug I want to send some of my craft to my dad in Arizona.  I am seeking advice on how to get it there without messing with dry ice or cold packs as it plays a huge role in the price of shipping and timing.  So the question is can I brine and smoke some salmon, vacuum pack it and mail it in a package his way as is (e.g. room temperature, no cold packing items?   
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