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    This is going to be a very dumb question, but here goes... (be kind, I'm a girl. hahaha)

    I bought a Masterbuilt 30" electric smoker for my husband for Christmas. I've read reviews and figure this is a good one for him to start with, and we can go up from there. Now, here is the dumb, ignorant part... What do I need to get to go with it, as far as accessories, wood chips, etc so he is good to go Christmas morning. I'm giving it to him Christmas Eve and I want a nice, delicious smoked Christmas dinner! So we will need everything to get started since there will be no stores open for last minute purchases.


    This is what I got
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    Most important things would be:

    A Digital set of wireless Therms, like the Maverick ET-732

    And a 5" X 8" AMNPS and some Pellets.

    Both can be purchased here from a member of this forum & a Great Guy:

    I wouldn't expect a Christmas Dinner if he gets it on Christmas Eve---LOL----Shoot for New Years Dinner.

    BTW: If you click on my "Bear's Step by Steps" at the bottom of this or any of my posts, you can get a lot of help & info for using your MES.

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    The only other thing he would need at a minimum would be some chips and possibly a good wireless thermometer.  The smoker would need to be seasoned for a few hours before it's first use so that time should be calculated into whatever plans there might be - depending on what you have in mind for dinner.
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    I agree with the AMNPS wood pellets and the wireless therm. But with the AMNPS you're going to need a small propane or butane gas torch to light the pellets. However, if you're on a budget, a couple of bags of wood chips (hickory and apple are good for basic starters. For the therm, a good wireless therm like the Maverick ET-733 is going to cost the same as a good instant read therm so I would go with the Maverick.

    Other accessories? Hubby's going to be working with hot meat inside a hot smoker. He'll need good insulated gloves to taking the meat in and out and turning it over on the rack.I prefer gloves to using tongs. Most smoked meats benefit from a dry rub so you can also buy some good pre-made beef, pork and poultry, and fish rubs along with some good quality BBQ sauce for "mopping" in the last 30 minutes of smoking. BBQ sauce requires a brush or an special BBQ mop to apply. I like using silicone brushes. You also want to make sure you have heavy duty aluminum foil on hand because some meats like spareribs (including St. Louis style and baby backs) require they be wrapped in foil for part of the smoking time.

    We have a local store called Winco, which is part of a chain in the western US. At that store I picked up 3 rectangular plastic grooved trays which I often use to prep pork shoulder, beef brisket, and other meats not too large or weighing over 6 pounds and I carry them out to the smoker on these trays.If you can't find trays, I also use high density polyethylene cutting boards or wooden ones. I also picked up two large white oval plastic serving platters (like very cheap turkey platters) and I place the finished product on those.

    The point is Hubby's going to need a washable and portable surface to prep on and another surface to carry out the smoked goods to set out on the dining room table. These and the other things I mentioned are all typical but essential stuff most guys forget about when talking accessories and I most assuredly have left out a few.

    I also use an apron with pockets which I personally find very handy; wouldn't be without it since it's part of my smoking "uniform" along with a Barbecue University ball cap my wife bought me for Father's Day. She didn't buy me the actual course, just the cap. And consider yourself a wonderful wife. Your husband is going to love that smoker. I've owned the same model for over two years and I've produced some "Q" which I think rivals or exceeds a couple of local chains, which admittedly is not saying much for those chains. In fact, my favorite bro-in-law has dubbed me the "King of Ribs". Having an electric smoker is a blast, and in my opinion the model you bought for your husband is the best one available for the money.

    Almost forgot: He'll need recipes and smoking tips and techniques! I've read good things about Jeff Phillips' book: . I also like this book which is the first one I bought after getting my smoker:
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  5. Both of the post above have you covered. The AMNPS and good thermometer are a lot of help in the MES.

    I see this is your first post. When you get a chance will you drop by roll call so everyone can give you a proper SMF [​IMG]  

    Happy smoken.


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