Newbie Reaching Out on a MB 30 + Cold Smoker Unit or maybe a Iron Cheff Unit?

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  1. Greetings all! I'm preparing to purchase my first electric smoker and I would like to run some of my research past those who have blazed the smokin trail ahead of me. First let me state that my current place of residence limits me to an electric smoker. I've done some research and I am leaning heavily towards the basic Masterbuilt 30 Digital Smoker along with the Cold Smoke Generator Unit that attaches at the hole in the side where the chip dispenser is located. This generator shows to produce a more significant amount of smoke and gives the main unit the versitility to be used for cold smoking as well. Not to mention it runs much longer prior to adding more wood chips. Any comments on this idea? Secondly, I've looked into a unit made by Iron Chef Kitchen that REALLY looks a lot like a Cookshack made smoker. It is unit model ICK-2100 and is presently available on Amazon and their website for $299 (today being 1-24-15). I've Googled for reviews on this brand/model and I'm not finding much of anything. Almost any other brand/model I've considered has review videos on youtube but not this company. The $299 is at the high end of my budget but I would prefer knowing something of the quality and cooking results before forking over the money. In an e-mail correspondance I tried to negotiate the price but was told in a reply that this was a "blowout" price from the usual $439. Their website has thrown up two red flags that are just not sitting right with me for some reason. First the $299 listed price has no indication of being a "sale" or "blowout" price and I would think a business would advertise it as such to promote the "hype" and drive sales. Secondly they pledge their support in Customer Service but nowhere (and believe me I looked) on the site could I find a phone number to call them. On their contact page is a generic "leave a message" option but I didn't have an e-mail address until they replied to my initial message. Seems to me if your going to brag on CS you would list a phone number......... I checked both the Masterbuilt and Cookshack websites and...... yup.... they had numbers. To their favor they advertise a 2 year warrenty and I did receive a quick reply to my inital message about pricing and such. They could very well be a reputal company but I just would like some more info on them. So can you good folk help? I look forward to seeing any replies to this thread and picking up juicy bits of information in the days to come! [​IMG]

    Here is a webshot of the page where the ICK-2100 is listed:

  2. I don't know anything about it. If it were me I would go with the MES. I would find a 1st generation. I would go with the AMNPS instead of their cold smoke generator. Add a Maverick to the package and you are still under the 300.00

    Happy smoken.

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    I second that! Search Craigslist or even some retail stores or websites for a 1st generation MES. Use the search bar to help you figure out which MES would be considered 1st generation. The second generation seem to have some airflow problems and what not. Also, if the cold smoking attachment is pricey, I suggest the AMNPS which is sold by a member of this forum. Once you figure out how it works best in your smoker, you can get up to 12 hours of perfect smoke without doing a thing. And from someone who has the MES30, you might want to consider a 1st generation MES40. I am so tired of cutting my racks of ribs in half and curling up briskets haha.
  4. I,m not familiar with the MES smokers but I do have the Masterbuilt Digital 30. I have had great results with it. It was inexpensive and has done wonders for my pork ribs. You do have to cut your ribs in half for them to fit, which I don't care for but using the 3 2 1 method on ST Louis ribs works wonders. A couple of things I've learned the hard way is always spray cooking oil on the racks before using and clean them ASAP after. Next line the internal drip tray and liquid holder with tin foil. Replace each time. This will save you a lot of extra work. If you decide on the Masterbuilt be sure to check Sams Wholesale Club and Home Depot for pricing.
  5. The Masterbuilt Cold Smoke Generator is a $60ish unit which is made to be used with a Masterbuilt smoker or can be adapted to other "boxes" as a mod. It stands to the side and connects through the round chip dispenser hole so one could cold smoke in the main unit without turning on the heating element which would seem to give the 2 units working together a wide variety of applications. It woulld not take up any internal space in the smoker unit which would help reduce the chance of blocking any air flow issues that I've seen in the forum. I'm trying to be thorough in my research for as they say, "its better to buy nice than to buy twice!"
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    I have the gen1 MES 40".I have both the AMNPS and the Masterbuilt cold smoke unit. A lot of people like the AMNPS and I have had some good results with it but have also had some problems keeping it lit in my smoker. I got the cold smoke unit for Xmas and so far I like it. Keep in mind you do have to have both units plugged in to use it for hot smokes. I have used it for hot smokes and for smoking cheese. The last cheese smoke I did the ambient temp was 55 and the cold smoker raised the temp of the smoker temp to 77. The cheese turned out great. I have had the best results using Western brand smoking chips.
  7. So ends the debate! I purchased a Masterbuilt 30 Digital Smoker today. I found it on Craigslist from someone who buys overstock and liquidation inventories and then puts these items out on the market. This unit was new in an unopened box. The lady had it listed at $110 but accepted my offer of an even $100! Needless to say I'm happy to get into "smokin" with a fairly decent piece of equipment at a great price. I'm buying a whole hog from a local butcher with my tax return so I see some serious smokin heading my way!


    The Machine!

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    Sweet deal. Enjoy.
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    I guess you know that's a Gen #2---Not a Gen #1.

    Hopefully they got their Gen #2s straightened out.

    Luck be with you!!

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  10. Nice score! I have had a lot of good luck on Craigslist.

    Happy smoken.

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    Excellent! Glad you got a good deal!!!
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    I actually researched this one a bit. It is like a Cookshack or a Smokin-It clone. I own a MES 30 Gen 1 and totally love it. Bought it for $189 but guys here have paid a lot less. I use the A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker and not the Cold Smoker Box because I can both hot and cold smoke with AMNPS without having to attach an external unit to my smoker. Makes it much easier for me.

    Sorry for the multiple quotes. Having some internet issues today.
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    Me Too!!!

  14. I've never been quoted so much! Makes me feel important! lol
  15. I just uploaded these pics from my camera, thought I'd share.

  16. Cool !!!   you getting excited ?

  17. Very much Gary! I'm going to pick up a Masterbuilt Cold Smoke Generator and probably a Maverick ET-732 with my tax return. I am in contact with a local meat processor/butcher shop and will be ordering a whole hog with my return as well. I've even contacted a local farmer who advertises free range hogs and poultry on Craiglist. He is a retired Marine and looks like he might be a realiable source of quality meat in the future. In February my church is going to have an afternoon fellowship after one of our Sunday services and my Pastor has already hinted about me smokin some Boston Butts to make some pulled pork for the event! I've not even seasoned the MES yet! [​IMG] My desire is to first get use to cooking in the smoker using store bought rubs and sauces and then once I've achieved some consistency in my cooks move on to homemade recipes. Being semi-retired I have too much time to research all this on the net! [​IMG] I've even looked into purchasing a used refrigerator off of Craigslist to add additional freezer/refrigeration space for storing and curing bacon/hams.

    Yea, you could say I got the bug!    [​IMG]
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    It's great fun to make up your own rubs and sauces from recipes, too. But as time savers store-bought is also great. I choose which rubs and sauces to buy from the ingredients labels. I've always been a big label reader.
  19. Cool Yankee,  It will fun smoking a bunch for the Church gathering, keep us posted

  20. If you took your statement out of context of this site it would be hilarious! [​IMG]
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