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Dec 14, 2013
Beaverton, Oregon
Buying a Masterbuilt 30" vert. propane smoker.  I had viewed a model from HD and it said it was both a charcoal and propane smoker.  I looked at the one I ordered and it does not mention that it is a dual fuel smoker.  It is the same size and looks the same, is there such a thing?  Or does it even matter?  I just started browsing this forum and I think I am going to enjoy learning about all this.  I had thought for years that I wanted to someday own a Traeger.  They are made close by.  One thing I have read in some reviews of this model  that is not clear to me is in regards to the regulator.  Any further clarification on that?  Thanks for any info.....
What in regards to the regulator?  I have the 30" propane and love it.  I have never had any issue with the regulator.  It does make a faint whistling sound when it is on low.  If you turn it up very slowly until the whistling just stops, that is right about 235 - 250 degrees, depending on the outside temp. 

The only mod that has to be done before you use it is on the wood pan.  It comes with 3 holes stamped out in the bottom with a flap of metal raised up over the hole.  That lets too much heat through and burns up the wood too fast.  Just take a hammer and pound the flaps down over the holes.  After that you need to bend the 3 feet down a bit to raise the pan up off of the flame guard that it now sits flush on top of, to allow air flow between the flame and wood pan.  It sounds like a pain, but it is simple as heck.  There may be a post about it around here. 
I did read about that issue and have a cast iron pan I can use.  But somewhere in the reviews for this model it was stated that the regulator

was cheap and might need to be replaced.  It might not be a problem.  Do you find the water capacity is adequate?  I have a lot to learn about

this as my experience is limited to smoking salmon with a small electric smoker.
Oh yeah, I did switch out the water pan for the disposable foil pans from Coscto.  They can hold a gallon, and no clean-up required. 
If you look at the thread about Masterbuilt 30" propane you will see what I was talking about.  It is an in line needle valve to give you more heat control.  Like down to 125 degrees or less.  Might be good for fish.  Some good pics of the mod.  I think it was page 5, a guy did the valve right at the bottom which looked like the way to do it.  So it is not the regulator, but a way to adjust it even more.  I am ready to cook something. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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