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Discussion in 'Pork' started by don777a, Aug 10, 2014.

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    I and new to and trying smoking but I was not successful.  I am trying to find out what i am doing wrong.

    I bought yesterday a smoke hollow  electric smoker with digital controls and a built in meat thermometer with remote.  I have been reading about temp control and various suggestions for smoking pork butt.  I could not wait and tried last it last night.   The pork came out tender and juicy but not "pulled".  I thought I did everything correct but I do not know.  The pork did have a crust around it for the most part.  It did lack flavor.

    This is what I did

    Got four pound of pork butt from super.   Put mustard on and seasoned with grill masters pork rub.

    Cooked it at 200F at first.   I checked the smoker with a hanging dial gauge and with checked it the meat probe provided and the setting on the grill is off by about 10F.  I will get a good digital one later but I believe this smoker is fairly accurate.

    I sprayed it with apple juice/olive oil mix 75/25 every hour. 

    I added about one handful of wet cherry chips at the beginning and then again after about 1.5 hours and half a handful at 2.5 hours.  I am not sure how long I should smoke. I have read many different opinions on this.  The chips were wet but seems they do not last that long on this smoker.

    It did take a while to cook and it was getting late (took more than fours closer to six)  so I bumped the temp to 225 after four hours and then to 250 at the fifth hour.  I never wrapped it in foil.

    The temp did to 180F inside.  I double check inside temp with a weber digital temp gauge.   I had read many different temps from 180 to 190F.  It was getting late and the thing was crusted so I figured it was done. 

    I did not wait to try after I pulled it out of the smoker , it was late.

    a) So what could I be doing wrong to not make "pulled" pork vs pork steak?  Would cooking it longer have done it ?

    b) I imagine letting the rub sit overnight will help flavor but am I not smoking it enough also?   Any suggestions to get more flavor.

    c) Any suggestions on what to do with the meat I have.  I figure cut some slabs and grill ?
  2. Your smoker temp is to low. Get it up to at least 225° I use 230°.You are going to have to add chips more often for more smoke flavor. Probably every 20 30 min. You have to get the IT to 200°-205° for pulled. Figure 1.5-2 hours per LB It is not finished till it is finished. Patience.

    The last 9 LB I smoked at 230° and it took 24.5 hours.

    Happy smoken.

  3. I see this is your first post. When you get a chance will you swing by roll call so we can all give you a proper SMF welcome?

    Happy smoken.

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    Welcome to the site. 225 to even 250 is ok for chamber temperature. Try wrapping up some dry wood chips in foil and poke some holes in that for air. Wet wood does not burn until the water evaporates so there is no need to soak wood. You want 200-205 internal temp for pulled pork. Always wrap in foil with some liquid like apple juice to rest for at least an hour. A lot of the folks here double wrap with foil at the end and then a towel and place in a dry cooler for an hour to rest and redistribute the juices. You were very close to getting it right. Figure 2 hours per pound cook time when you plan your next try. If it is done early it will stay hot in the cooler until dinner time.

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