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  1.  my name is Jeff im from bham alabama and love to build and make ridiculous things and go overboard i like to build grills. im building a grill/smoker i will upload some pics as soon as i can take them.  a friend of mine suggested this site cause he said i may enjoy it i love cooking on the grill and i love making my own grills. ive started a new one its basically a grill made out of refractory brick. and its about six feet tall five feet wide and about three feet deep im about halfway through it and im stuck with finding a cast iron grate that will fit and i going to have a control panel on it because its gonna have the option to be either gas or charcoal. i dont like gas but i may end up using the burners just to light my charcoal.  but anyway in my control panel i would like to put some temp gauges to let me know how hot the inside of the grill is at various spots but im not sure where to purchase them so any help would be greatly appreciated im almost done with it and the only prolblems ive yet to iron out is where to buy some custom cast iron grates and where to buy some temp gauges that i can hook up to some thermocouplings and have in my control panel.  so as you can see i kinda love to go overboard with stuff when ive got more time ill tell you the other ridiculous things ive put on there i actually aquired a incenerator burner that i was gonnna put on there to light the coals with but my wife talked me out of that one hahaha.  nice to meet everyone and i look forward to sharing some ridiculous ideas and great recipes with anybody i meet on here so have a nice day and holler at me sometime 
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    Hello and [​IMG]to SMF - 
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