New Year's Eve Beef Ribs

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May 30, 2007
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Beef ribs just on the drum smoker.


Were in the drum smoker 3 ½ hours at 325º and here they are after a 1/2 hour rest.



Thanks for looking!

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Aug 20, 2021
I also smoked beef ribs over the New Year's weekend. I've tried smoking them before, and was always disappointed as the ribs I could find had very little meat on them. I finally got to Restaurant Depot and found some of the big boys. The four-rib plates weigh almost 4 lbs.

These were coated with a thin layer of tobasco sauce as a binder for the rub, followed by some kosher salt as a dry brine, then Mixon's short rib rub recipe, applied generously. I smoked them with oak (mostly) and a bit of mesquite. Once they go on, they don't require much attention, only in the last couple of hours did I mist them periodically with beef broth. Total cook time was 8 hours, with the smoker starting out at 225, and gradually increasing to about 310F. I only rested them about 20 minutes, but they were already probe-tender when I pulled them.

They turned out great, finally everything I wanted in a beef rib. Wonderful flavor, just enough smoke, and quite tender. And even after cooking, they're huge.

IMG_1499.jpg IMG_1505.jpg IMG_1507.jpg
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