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  1. ritchierich

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    Discada, cowboy wok, plow disc cooker!  New toy for the outdoor cooking area. I never used one yet so if anyone has some recipes or has used one please feel free to give me some insight or ideas! Thanks Ritchie
  2. smokinal

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    That is awesome!

    There are several guys on here with them, I'm sure one will be along shortly.

  3. ritchierich

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    Thanks AL! I just seen your cook this morning on yours. I am going to do it for my first cook this weekend! Did you just soak the noodles in water for a few or boiled them?
  4. Cool !  I'll bet it gets lots of use

  5. 12ring

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    I have had one for years and cooked so many things on it. Chicken or pork fried rice is probably my families favorite. I have made breakfast for 15 people on it also and had no dishes afterward. Try doing that in the house.

    I like the height of your burner. Hopefully the actual burner has a big radius. Mine is only about 4 inches across and I wish it was bigger to distribute the heat a little better. Those horse shoe handles look nice but they can get hot and you'll need gloves if your dumping grease in between cooking different foods.

    There's a ton of YouTube videos on things to cook. Type in Discitgrill and the owner of the company (who is here in NM) demonstrates how to season and cook on it.
  6. dirtsailor2003

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    Welcome to the club! You can cook just about everything on a disc. We made English muffins last year while camping! I just sent off my burner stand to the powder coat shop for a sand blast and some high temp powder coating. Once its back we will be in business again. First couple of cooks we did green chicken curry, fajitas, steak fingers and onion rings.

    As mentioned above the horseshoe handles get hot, so keep a good pair of welding gloves handy.
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  7. ritchierich

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    What did you start off with to season it? I want to get cooking on it this weekend.
  8. dirtsailor2003

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    Like all my cast iron, I used three coats of flax seed oil on all surfaces. You only need a really light coat. Then heat to 500 degrees. Maintain that temp for 1 hour cool. Repeat. Flax seed oil can be found at health food stores. It's normally in the refrigerated areas.
  9. ritchierich

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    Great thanks!

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