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Oct 25, 2016
From Southwest Louisiana. New to smoking. MES30 smoker. I've trimmed, sliced and marinated pork loin. Got it in smoker with Apple wood chips set at 165 deg. How long will it take to have the perfect jerky? Most is 3/8" thick strips, about 1/2 inch wide. Some are full slices about 1/4" thick ( sliced off the end of the loin. Need some direction and suggestions. Thanks
Firstly hello, and welcome to SMF.

I sadly can not comment on the jerky time frames, as I have not yet smoked any myself. I am more than sure we have some other active members on the forum who have and can comment on their preferred cooking times.

Again, welcome to SMF
Welcome to the forum!

Glad to have you with us!

It looks like you got your answer in your other thread.

Good luck!

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